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K669B FAQs

06 Jul, 2019

K669B FAQs

Q: 1.the microphone is not recognized; is recognized but still no sound heard; sound on my Mac; 4.after upgraded from to Win10, the microphone doesn't work?

A: You can find step-by-step tutorial videos for above question on K668 problem-solving playlist: 


Q: How to use multiple K669/K669B microphones on one computer?

A: Yes if you want to have a try, check out the link below. Basically, for Windows users, you just need to download an app called voice meter banana. If you use Mac, just create an aggregated device by using MIDI Audio setup.
Post: Using Multiple Microphones On One Computer


Q: Microphone doesn't work with my Skype!

A: 1.Follow the playlist: to check if K669/K669B is working properly. 

2.For Windows user, you can go to Setting→Privacy→Microphone, and set it to allow apps to access to microphone, at lasts restart computer.

3.Update Skype to latest version or re-install the latest Skype.

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Kolbi Mclean

July 08, 2019

There is a humming/buzzing coming from the microphone and it is very bad but I can’t find a way to fix it I have tried uninstalling drivers multiple times but nothing is working

Jake Hampton

July 10, 2019

I would like to +1 to Kolbi’s comment. Get told my mic is too sensitive and has a white noise with every keystroke it picks up. Have tried adjusting basic things through microphone properties and have also reinstalled drivers, to no avail.


July 11, 2019

@Kolbi Mclean hi there, sorry for catching sight of your comment late. Driver issue doesn’t always lead to the noise. And since you had tried so, we can eliminate that possibility.
Buzzing is most likely related to high volume setting and interference. And the mic dial controls the gain which is the crucial setting. Try to set it below 50% and computer input at around 70%, see if it does any good to the sound quality. As for the interference, testing the mic with another laptop/PC in another house or room is the fastest and more straight forward method.


July 11, 2019

@Jake Hampton hi there, I think your situation is a bit different from Kolbi’s. I see your main concern is the sensitivity. But that’s also what a condenser mic is so good at. There’s not much point to talk about this character when you had bought it. Let’s go straight to the solution.
The volume dial control the gain, which mean if it’s turned up at the very first place, more background noise will be absorbed as well, no matter how you adjust later on. So keep the dial at around 40%-50% and continue adjust the computer input. Next, put the mic closer to you, around 3 inches and place it slightly off-axis. Then it will pick up more from you and less from the background and the off direction can also help reduce plosive. An arm stand will give you the ease of setting the sweet angle.
Furthermore, use the noise gate feature on Discord or OBS and download a Reaper plug-in will help the background sound rejection.

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