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K669B FAQs

05 Jul, 2019

K669B FAQs

Self Troubleshoot before proceed any further. 

Please include the test result when resorting for email support.

1.Is "USB PnP Audio Device" seen by your Windows or Mac or is recognized as unknown device?

ūüĒĒFor the latest Windows users, in order to access the sound setting, please right-click the speaker icon at the bottom right-choose "Sound"-click "Sound Control Panel" at the upper right of the pop-up window.¬†


2.If it's recognized, is what you want to do is to hear mic playthrough you computer speaker? (Please refer to monitoring part in the video below: enabling system monitoring feature on Windows or using Quicktime Player on Mac). 


3.If computer sees it as unknown device, have you test out on a different computer? Tried to update and reinstall the unknown driver for a few times on the same computer? 


Q: It didn't work even after reinstallation and update of the microphone driver.  

A: Please try clean up the USB registry of your PC. Download the application through the link below. The code for unzipping the file is fifine

First Plug the FIFINE USB mic into your computer, uninstall the "Unknown USB Device" under the Device Manager, then unplug the microphone. Skip to the second step if there's no "Unknown USB Device". 

Next, stay on the Device Manager, double click the app to run. Select ‚ÄúClean‚ÄĚ.

Finally, restart the computer and replug the mic to another USB port.



1.The microphone is not recognized (follow the video below);

Windows: from 0:21 to 3:16. Mac: from 6:51 to 8:19

2.It is recognized but no sound heard (follow the video below from 3:17 to 5:50);

3.No sound on my Mac (follow the video below from 8:20 to 9:49);

4.After upgraded from to Win10, the microphone doesn't work (follow the video below from 5:51 to 8:08).



Q: It changes the volume automatically. 

A: For Windows user

1.Under "recording devices", right click "USB PNP Audio Device", choose "Properties", click "Enhancement" and uncheck the "allow applications to take excluisive control of this device"

For Windows and Mac user

2.Check if the feature of automatically adjusting microphone level has been enabled, which is commonly seen in software of Discord, Skype, etc. 


Q: How to use multiple K669/K669B microphones on one computer?

A: Yes if you want to have a try, check out the link below. Basically, for Windows users, you just need to download an app called voice meter banana. If you use Mac, just create an aggregated device by using MIDI Audio setup.
Post: Using Multiple Microphones On One Computer


Q: Microphone doesn't work with my Skype!

A: 1.Follow the playlist: to check if K669/K669B is working properly. 

2.For Windows user, you can go to Setting‚ÜíPrivacy‚ÜíMicrophone, and set it to allow apps to access to microphone, at lasts restart computer.

3.Update Skype to latest version or re-install the latest Skype.



If the trouble-shooting methods above still cannot solve your problem, feel free to contact us at
Please include the order number and specify the problem in your email.