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K670 FAQs

05 Jul, 2019

K670 FAQs

Q: What to do if I hear no sound through the headphone jack of K670 microphone?

A: So you just need to make sure the output setting of computer is select as USB Audio Device/MIC-TEST and the volume is not muted. Then you will hear the sound from the headphone jack of the mic.


Q: No sound on my Mac!

A: 1.Check whether the icon of the “USB PnP Audio Device"/"MIC-TEST" appears or not.

(“System Preferences”→“Sound”→“Input”)

2.If yes, then you’re good to go. But you can’t hear any playback of the mic before you click open an audio software (like QuickTime Player) on Mac OS.


Q: After upgraded to Windows 10, the microphone doesn't work!

A: If “USB PnP Audio Device”/"MIC-TEST" under “Recording Device” appears but the level meter doesn’t move when speaking, simply go to Setting→Privacy→Microphone, and set it to allow apps to access to microphone as well as the other apps below, especially the "Voice Recorder". At lasts restart computer.


Q: Microphone doesn't work with my Skype!

A: 1.Check if it's problem of the mic or Skype. Get to sound setting to see if the “USB PnP Audio Device”/"MIC-TEST" is listed as the default input. If not, then no further step, just send us a message.

(Windows: Right click speaker icon on right corner of computer→“Recording Device”

Mac: Click “System Preferences”→“Sound”→“Input”)

2.If driver is there and the level meter moves when speaking to mic, it will be the bug of Skype. The easiest way is to update Skype to latest version or re-install the latest Skype.

3.For Windows user, before the update or re-installation, you can go to Setting→Privacy→Microphone, and set it to allow apps to access to microphone, at lasts restart computer.

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Gavin Olsen

July 12, 2019

My microphone isn’t giving me any feedback. I have tried everything you have suggested with the other problems. I still have no idea what is wrong. I have changed my computer to have the mic as my default mic. This is still not working.


July 15, 2019

@Gavin Olsen hi there, sorry for the delay at weekend. Hope you have solved the issue out. But if not, here we come. Read from your words, the mic is recognized and is ready to work. So I think the main issue is configuration, specifically, the output setting. Where did you plug in your output device, computer 3.5mm jack or headphone jack on mic body? Or simply use computer built-in speaker? If it’s the output related to your computer, just choose built-in speaker as main out. If it’s microphone out, then choose “MIC-TEST” as out on your computer sound setting.

Krissy Lynn

August 02, 2019

I have had the K670 for about a year. It is being used for voice overdubs on my youtube channel, created on Adobe Premiere. My issue is, despite trying every possible volume setting on the mic, and reducing mic sensitivity on adobe and mute audio while recording on adobe, my voice sounds like I’m in a tunnel. Embarassingly, my viewers are encouraging me to replace this microphone due to such poor sound quality. Help! What am I doing wrong?


August 02, 2019

Hi @Krissy you got to one of the points of adjusting the volume. But even if your use environment is quiet, the wall reflection will cause echo sound in the recording, especially if you’re in a large room. So the problem-solving you could go for is the mic placement.
It doesn’t make any sense to setup a treated room with hundreds or over thousand bucks while using a $50 mic. But you can try adding some large furniture behind you and behind where you place the microphone, and the furniture should not make any noise, such as book shelf. Though the best practice for your case is to DIY your room with blanket to create a small environment for recording. Or to make it looks better, buy some foam or acoustic foam to paste it on the wall behind the mic and behind you. Furthermore, if it’s possible, find a place in your room where both the mic’s back or your back could be close to wall, then it’s the perfect spot to setup your recording environment.

Barbara Drady

August 11, 2019

I just purchased the K670. In order to record, I have to depress and hold the volume button on the mic. Is this a faulty mic?


August 11, 2019

Hi Barbara Drady sorry about the issue, but which haven't happened on a K670 before. So would you mind using your phone to record an video to show us what K670 was doing wrong? And you can send the video file with your order number to We will help fix it quickly.

Clayton Conway

August 15, 2019

I’ve had a K670 for a few months now that I’ve used primarily for videoconferencing for my business. I had a few people mention there was a raspy sound when I spoke but I assumed it was a connection or audio quality issue on their end.

In the last few weeks I’ve been attempting to record some short vlog type videos for posting online but every one I record has this strange raspy sound. I’ve tried everything I can think of to address it:
1. Plugged into a different USB.
2. Plugged into 2 other computers.
3. Tried recording in different rooms, buildings, and even outdoors.
4. Adjusted levels and volume to 50%.
5. Tried different microphone positions (near, far, angled…)
Nothing has changed it at all. Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know if there is something I’m doing so I can get these videos recorded. Thank you in advance for your help! I have a video (with audio) I can send to help if necessary.


August 16, 2019

Hi Clayton Conway sorry for such noise issue that may cause by the mic and for your time wasted on the test. Your info is pretty useful, it saves us quite some time on the email communication. According to your description, the scratch sound seems to be the defective issue. But in order to better confirm it, now we would go straight forward to the audio analysing. I saw you mentioned a recording file, could you send us the MP3 format? When we say MP3, we mean to record and export it as MP3, but not to transfer MP4 into MP3 which may involve audio compression. The recording has better to be 1 minute, including you speak and are silent, and the levels are both set at around 50% as you have done before. You can email the file with your order number at We will fix it quickly when you got your audio file to check out.


August 21, 2019

Hi, the mic is very fine on a basic use, no problem.

But whatever the set up I use when I plug a headset on it to hear feedback sound, there is a huge hiss.
It’s annoying to hear but what’s even more annoying is that the hiss gets recorded with my voice.
I did that with different PCs, different headsets, different cables, but also 2 different Fifines K670.

The hiss varies as I move the USB cable around. It also tend to disappear when I hold the headset cable with my both hands.
Is this some electrostatic noise ? How do I get rid of it ? Is there a particular headset you recommand for a pure feedback ?


August 21, 2019

Hi @Alex did you mean the headphone is plugged into the 3.5mm jack at the back of K670? I think that should be the case, since it’s not quite likely that two of the K670 both have quality control issue (the self noise level would increase, that’s hissing, because of the component welding problem). It’s also usual that the noise varies according to the cable movement, that’s why people recommend to keep the cable that carries current and audio still. Though you can send us a recording file in MP3 format with you speak and are silence to confirm that the mic component is being good.
To the point, we think the hissing is related to the difference of signal voltage. Because of live monitoring feature, the audio is not processed which means it’s still MIC signal. While your headphone is line signal. Basically, it’s a high Z device (headphone) plugged into a low Z device (K670 3.5mm jack), so the audio you hear in headphone is distorted.
The solution based on the mis-match audio intensity is that use an attenuator cable, which can increase the impedance and thus reduces the hissing. The other method is to lower the gain level to just around 20%. Because the audio comes out of headphone is directly from the mic, it will do some help to cool out the audio. At last, if the live monitoring is not so necessary, perhaps you can consider to use computer headphone jack to monitor.

Evan Melara

August 21, 2019

The screw-in adapter for the microphone stand has gotten stuck inside of the mic clip, and I am unable to get it out. Is there a way I can get a replacement part for the stand?


August 22, 2019

Hi Evan Melara yes, we have replacement for accessory and we got your registration info for warranty. But we cant find the other required info, could you email us with your order platform, order number and address info at we will proceed from there. And please use the title starting with #Website190822


August 29, 2019

I just received my order today. Right out of the box my K670 is not working. I have changed all my settings to reflect the Mic_test, which my PC did recognize. I purchased it for recording videos using SnagIT or Camtasia, etc. My recording software reflects shows the mic input levels as I use it, but every recording is blank/void of input.

I expected a true plug and play device and this is not. I’ve now dig deeper into my control panel to change device properties which in shouldn’t have to do, but still nothing. My Logitech headset and HD camera w/mic both worked fine before plugging this in.

After 3 reboots I’ve confirmed the mic does actual work but the device has interfered with the native keyboard command of my recording software. I don’t expect you to trouble-shoot software that’s not yours but I also expect your device to play nicely in the sandbox with the other kids!

Got any suggestions?


August 29, 2019

Hi @Chris sorry, we really haven’t had such issue before. So you unplug the USB keyboard, and then the mic was able to actually record something on the software? But it’s weird, though they’re both USB device, but the mic is an audio one, they should not interfere with each other. Plus the fact that keyboard and mic are using the same universal USB driver.
We haven’t tried out on SnagIT but it works fine with Camtasia, and the meter bounced in your software, so we’re thinking if it’s the system issue. Did you use Windows 10? Have you checked out the private setting and allowed the system and the apps to use microphone?

Andrew Dreosto

September 13, 2019

I have read the other entries about trying MIC Test settings, however with multiple headphones on multiple devices I have not been able to hear my voice while speaking simultaneously. I can hear it back once recorded, but cannot make my voice overlay while speaking. Please help if there is a different driver or software that I can use thank you!


September 14, 2019

Hi @Andrew Dreosto lol, I think you’re using multiple K670 with multiple headphones on one computer. Then I found out that you meant you had tested the K670 with more than one computers and headphones and you still can’t hear yourself during use. Then it could be rather easy to be solved, which is a simple monitoring issue.
For Windows PC, right click speaker icon-“Recording Device”-right click “MIC-TEST”-“Properties”-“Listen”-check “Listen to this devices”. And make sure the "MIC-TEST as selected as default out under “Playback Devices” as well.
As for Mac system, you can only enable the monitoring feature through apps, such as QuickTime Player or Audacity. When using former one, just make sure input is “MIC-TEST” and then turn up the volume slider, you’re good to monitor.


September 18, 2019

I have the same problem like Barbara Drady, the K670 only records if I am holding the volume button on the mic. Please advise how to tackle the issue.


September 19, 2019

Hi @Klaus could you send us a video demo? You can message us on our Facebook page: And we can proceed the trouble-shooting much faster.

Theodore Watterson

September 19, 2019

This mic is no longer working.
In device manager, under “sound, video and game controllers” the icon has a warning sign for MIC_TEST.

In the properties it says:

“This device cannot start. (Code 10)

{Operation Failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful."


September 20, 2019

Hi @Theodore Watterson it could be as simple as system glitch. Is there any chance you could test the mic on an Apple computer to find out whether it’s defective issue.
If there’s no way to do so, we can stick with solution for Windows. Have you tried the driver update and re-installation methods? And if you can try on two different Windows computer, it will also increase the chances of triggering the driver successful installation.
And before the update and reinstallation, you can clean up the USB registry first. For more detail, we can proceed on our Facebook page: And please include the order number when you send us a message.


September 28, 2019


I have been using internal mic to videoconferencing and now I have bought this Fifine K670

My problem is that I use the speakers to listen the other people in conference and the build in mic have the option of cancel echo produced by speakers but I can’t find the option in MIC_TEST microphone.

For build in mic I can go to Control Panel → Sound → Mic → Enhacements – Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)

Would it be possible in K670?

Thank you.


September 29, 2019

Hi there @Carlos I think there is no such option for the driver of the K670, which using an universal one but not actually being considered as Windows built-in speaker.
If I guess right, you need to do it for online audience as well as the on-the-site people? Then I think echo sound is not possible to avoid, especially when the speaker is pretty close to the mic. The mic will pick up your voice first, and then the sound from speaker. But even without the enhancement feature. When you using the mic headphone jack as out, the echo should drastically decrease. Since computer need audio transmission and process, but headphone jack on K670 does not have those two steps.

Brad Iverson

October 12, 2019

I tried to contact you via AliExpress, but no luck. I want to know if you make a microphone that is 24-bit and has a headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring.


October 14, 2019

Hi @Brad Iverson it will be the same to contact us here for the product inquiry. This K670 has true live monitoring, latency is almost unnoticeable. It’s 16-bit. But in our defense, there’s a question whether the built-in ADC of USB mic could really deliver as smooth sound quality as 24-bit does. It makes more sense to do that with a analog mic and a proper interface with 24-bit rate.

John Saras

October 21, 2019

Hi. After Windows 10 update my Fifine K670 is no longer shown in the microphone list so the driver must be damaged or missing. It does show up in my old iMac computer but I don’t use that anymore. How can I get a new diver? – John


October 21, 2019

Hi @John Saras It sounds like our defense, but we have got a few customer complaining about the Win 10 update issue. It seems that the Win 10 has quite a lot of bugs to fix.
As for your case, the mic and the driver are both working fine. Because it can work on your Mac, which uses a closed system and thus less likely to suffer from glitch.
And the solution, I think, could be as simple as enabling the privacy feature (“setting”-“privacy”-“microphone”-enable all the apps access the microphone). Then the mic should work well on your Win 10 then.


November 08, 2019

help! I screwed in the screw adapter to the mic so it can onnect to the boom arm but now that I want to take it off to use the stand it won’t come out. How can I get it out??


November 08, 2019

Hi @michelle you can give the adapter with some oil and let it sit for a while (around an hour). Then get it heat up a little bit and use small hammer or small heavy object to give the adapter a few light taps to loosen the connection further. And you should be able to screw the bolt out.

April Emigh

November 24, 2019

Kust got the 669 and I cannot stop the echo. Tried moving the speakers and mic as far apart as possible. I’ve tried unplugging the speakers. I’ve tried turning down the mic. What else can I try?


November 25, 2019

Hi @April Emigh I think the echo you mention is the monitoring sound? If it’s the K670 you got, then the quick fix is to have the speaker connected to the K670 headphone jack instead, which provide pretty low latency monitoring. Then the echo sound should be greatly reduced. Though we’re not quite sure if the echo sound you said is the monitoring audio we think of.


November 26, 2019

Hi @April Emigh sorry for the confusion, the comment was showed under the K670 FAQ, I thought you got the K670. And it turned out to be the K669B that you bought.
The possible way to have some sort of improvement on the situation is to restart computer, use smaller recording app to release CPU engagement and turn down the input/output volume.
Though you might still hear the echo, which is the latency that we thought. Because this whole thing is inevitable for a USB microphone that doesn’t have headphone jack. Then the audio process and conversion in computer take time, which result in inevitable delay. Even the computer with the best internal sound card, the delay is still noticeable 500 ms.


December 05, 2019

K670 connected to a 2017 iPad Pro. Garbled almost voice doubling effect during live monitoring using the 3.5 headphone jack on mic. Does not show up in any recording. Occurs no matter which audio recording app is being used. Sounds like a feedback voice effect but none has been applied!


December 08, 2019

Hi @Mark you want to hear only the mic sound or with background music? If you want to monitor microphone sound, you could disable the recording software option of playthrough input. So that the only way you will hear monitoring sound is through the K670 low latency monitoring jack.
Besides, you can restart computer to release CPU engagement and turn down both the input and output volume.

Arielle Harbauer

December 16, 2019

We have purchased one of these for our Beyond Books collection at our Library. I like to have a PDF copy of manuals. Do you have one you can send me?


December 17, 2019

Hi Arielle Harbauer thanks for reaching out. The email with the user manual was just sent by If there’s any problem, feel free to let know!


December 25, 2019

im using the k670 for videos and streaming but my mic only works if i move the volume on the mic. anyways of fixing this problem thanks


December 26, 2019

Hi @Shaquiel sorry about the issue, is there any chance to send us an video to show the problem? You can use your phone to record a demo of using a recording software on your computer and you moving the mic on the desk. So that we can tell whether it’s the issue of the volume dial. If you would like to shot such an video, the file can be sent to our Facebook page: or support email:

Meni Philip

December 31, 2019


Is there an update for working with MAC OS Catalina 10.15?


December 31, 2019

Hi @Meni Philip It’s plug and play on any Mac system. But it has on-body headphone jack, therefore it serves as both input and output. That means you can hear sound when you plug the headphone into mic or change the output to Mac internal speaker.
If you simply want to use Mac built-in speaker to amplify the mic sound, first off, you need to go to Sound under System Preferences, next, change built-in speaker as out, at last, you have to hear sound through the app. The Quick Timeplayer will work fine for that purpose. Find this app, choose the K670 as input from its downward arrow button, drag the progress to the right and you will hear the microphone sound.

Matt Brandon

January 04, 2020

I recently switched to the FiFine K670 mic and it works great in Garageband but not in Audacity. I use Audacity all the time with all my other mics. It is showing up in the select options as MIC_TEST all my volume sliders are up and it is selected in the system prefs. Yet no sound is being recorded. Any thoughts?

I use Audacity 2.3.3
MacOS 10.15.2 (19C57)

Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro15,1
Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 2.6 GHz
Memory: 16 GB

My daughter is having the same issue with her older MacBook and Audacity 2.3.3


January 05, 2020

Hi @Matt Brandon we just got a similar issue from a K669B customer. It’s because the previous recording device is still engaging the input. And you can fix this problem easily by exiting Audacity completely. Click the “Audacity” on the right side of the “Apple” icon and choosing “Quit Audacity”. Restart your MacBook Pro and open Audacity, you should be able to see the option of K670 and use it to record audio by then


January 13, 2020

Hello, I tried to plug the mic in 2 different macs. The mic turns blue, I opened and set the mic to MIC_TEST on input and output in the Sound panel, restarted the mac, and no matter what, no sound showing on the input panel.


January 13, 2020

Hi @Stephane sorry about the issue, but we didn’t get you on “no sound showing”. You mean no input response on level meter, or you just cant hear any sound output through your Mac?
Read from you description, the mic seems working pretty fine. Therefore it’s more likely to be the second problem. Because Mac doesn’t allow monitoring through system, you have to use QuickTime Player. Launch the app on your Mac, choose the K670 to be the input and drag up the progress. You should be able to hear K670 sound from Mac.


January 16, 2020

If I dont want to listen my voice what should I do


January 19, 2020

Hi @변정현 sorry for the late reply. You can just plug the headphone or speaker into computer headphone out and choose computer built-in speaker as default. You will be able hear only computer sound then.

Tony Polito

January 22, 2020

You should make all your User’s Guides available at this website for download in PDF format. Most manufacturers do that these days. Thank you.

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