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FIFINE K420 2K Computer Webcam Including Tripod Stand with for OBS Streaming, Zoom Meeting on PC/Laptop

FIFINE K420 2K Computer Webcam Including Tripod Stand with for OBS Streaming, Zoom Meeting on PC/Laptop

$ 43.99 USD

In for a treat of user-friendly features

  • The setup of K420 webcam on Windows, Mac or Linus computer is remarkable easy. After the auto installation, then it will be available throughout the operation system as well as the video software. 
  • Because of the standard thread size on its mount, the webcam can be not only screwed onto the included flexible tripod but also the arm stand. Such a feature tackles the exact situations where you need to do an on-the-road Zoom meeting or a proper streaming in your studio. 
  • The mount has a rotation angle up to 360 degree in getting a right perspective. So you do not have to bother with the adjustment of your siting position. When you want to streamline the devices on your desk down to earth, a sturdy and weighty clamp helps to handle the camera on top of your computer without fear of it falling off. 
  • At the first glance, a highlight is that K420 provides a privacy cover for the lens portion. It ensures that nobody is watching you when and you need a private moment and have greater peace of mind. Or you do not have to go through the trouble of disconnecting the cam when you are offline.   
  • What you do not commonly see in a budget webcam is the indicator lights. Not one, but two. As long as you plug the camera in, you will see a red indicator on. And when you join a call or start your streaming, the green light will turn on. 

Raise your game with the image quality 


108° field of view   

Auto White Balance

Works with calling/streaming platforms

  • As something expected, the Ace of 60 frames per second for streamers is not available in this webcam. But the redeeming feature is the 2K 1440P resolution, which makes up a little bit.
  • And compared with even the 2020 Macbook Air, a premium laptop that still has only 720p at 30 frames per second, the image quality is day and night difference.
  • You rarely see a super wide angle in a webcam, which could be a drawback if you do not like the fisheye image and do not want to bother with the distance adjustment. But most of the time it could be useful. Especially, it will even go up to the top of the chart if you are in a tight space. 
  • The calibration is tended to be a little bit saturated. But the color and the skin tone will still look better and much more natural than the other budget options that are either over-saturated or washed out.

Will a 4K webcam just walk over? No, 2K is still in with a shout to beat.   

  • Whatever the manufacturers boasted about the microphones built into a webcam, either the dual configuration or noise cancellation, they are just suck. Then why spend some part of your money on something that does not give you any value? 
  • It makes more sense to spend on an external standalone microphone. Together with a $35.99 K669B, the total is still just the same as a fancy webcam from a big company.  
  • Bad lighting makes every webcam look terrible. Even with better HDR technology built in, you still cannot tell if there is much different between 30fps and 60fps. 
  • The key is to turn on all lights in the room. In this purchase, you can spare yourself with the money of a decent ring light, which will do the trick well.  


Max Resolution1440p/30fps
Focus typeFixed focus
Image SensorCMOS
Field of view108°
Output ConnectionUSB 2.0 type A
Power Supply5V USB power
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg