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FIFINE USB Microphone with Volume Dial & Monitoring Headphone Jack for Recording Vocal on Mac and Windows-K670
$ 47.99 USD
Key Features: Streaming anywhere Plug & play on Windows PC/laptop, Mac and PS4.  Compact size make it convenient to be carried around. iPhone/iPad compatible via a proper USB adapter, no more crap audio for mobile streaming.    Have better gaming and podcasting experience Full metal construction withstand accidental drop; Weighty anti-slide stand provides...
FIFINE USB Microphone with Volume Dial for Gaming, Streaming, Broadcasting and Recording on MAC Or Windows-K669B
$ 29.99 USD
Key Features: Gaming experience is off the scale USB fool-proof plug-and-play on Mac, Windows and PlayStation. Get rid of bulky and plastic headset, All-metal body enhances professional feeling.  Less irritating fan or keyboard noise, gets crystal clear audio for communication. Streaming with simplicity and clarity Compatible with Discord, Twitch and OBS, choose...
FIFINE Wireless Handheld Microphone, USB Plug & Play with PC and Laptop for YouTube Karaoke, Online Speech-K026
$ 41.99 USD
What's Included: FIFINE MICROPHONE K026 USB receiver *2 YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY Key Features: Recording vocal never comes close to such easy USB connection means a doddle to use with Windows and Mac. Headphone jack on USB dongle serves as an external sound card for vocal monitoring.  Battery-powered mic & PC-powered receiver...
FIFINE USB Microphone with On-body Volume and Echo Control for Gaming and Podcast with PC-K056
$ 29.99 USD
What's Included: FIFINE MICROPHONE K056 Foam cover Mic clamp Tripod stand 3/8" to 5/8" adapter *2 YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY Key Features:  Universal Setup but unusual build quality  USB connection for plug-and-play setup on Mac and Windows. PS4 compatible. Rock & roll in game can not scare it away.  Full...
FIFINE Dual Wireless Microphones System, Setup with PA Speaker, Karaoke Machine or Home Theater for Gig, Home Karaoke-K036
$ 66.99 USD
What's Included: FIFINE K036 receiver  Power adapter  2 handheld mirophones 3 audio cables *2 YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY Key Features: Kick off your gig in no time Mics are 2 AA batteries powered while receiver needs 12V supply (from wall outlet or power brick).   It is not tricky to stream background...
FIFINE Wireless Handheld Microphone, Battery-powered, Plug & Play on Speaker for Gig-K025
$ 29.99 USD
What's Included: FIFINE MICROPHONE K025 Receiver (uses 1/4" output connector) *2 YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY Key Features: Get live event well-prepared in short time    Plug & Play on PA speaker, guitar amplifier, mixer (any device that allows 1/4" mic input). Battery-power provides the greatest convenience for outdoor use. If...
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