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Bulk Purchase of FIFINE K031B Wireless Lavalier Microphone, Plug & Play on Mac/Windows (20 Units)
$ 1,139.80 USD
Bulk Purcahse There are various pack options (from 20 units to 200 units) for your choice. What's Included in one pack FIFINE K031B transmitter (body-pack) Lavalier mic & Head-worn mic  Receiver (USB type-A 2.0 connector) Features Record videos cannot be any easier  USB connection makes for a simple setup with Windows, Mac or Linux (incompatible with Xbox).  Battery-powered transmitter...
FIFINE K432 USB Webcam with 1080P Resolution, Plug & Play on Windows and Mac for Streaming, Conferencing
$ 36.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE K432 USB webcam Features Starting out streaming career? Throw a good punch with a USB webcam!       For the money, external webcam gives you way bigger bang for the buck. Can you get better quality with DSLR? Yes. Will you be able to get similar quality with...
FIFINE K053 Computer USB Lapel Microphone for Skype Calls, Conferencing, Dictating and Voice-over
$ 20.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE K053 Features Surprisingly low price, remarkably easy setup  USB 2.0 plug & play on Mac, Windows and Linux computer (incompatible with Xbox). 6.5 feet long cable gives you good mobility with ease. No worries of unplugging and breaking the connection during a video call. Thick rubber provides protection...
FIFINE K669 USB Microphone with Volume Dial for Podcasting, Recording on Windows and Mac
$ 44.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE K669 Pivot mount Tripod stand Features Plug in & start gaming Literally plug-and-play on Mac, Windows, Linux computer and Play Station console (incompatible with Xbox).   Simple setup unlike what you have to do with a XLR microphone.   With a proper USB adapter (not included), it will also work...
FIFINE K669B USB Microphone with Volume Dial for Streaming, Vocal Recording, Podcasting on Computer
$ 45.99 USD
Details Gaming experience is off the scale Fool-proof USB installation: plug-and-play on Mac, Windows and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox). Compact size allows everyone to see and hear you clearly in streaming. Get rid of bulky plastic headset!  All-metal body enhances its professional feel and even protects the mic from drop damage.   Cardioid pattern reduces irritating...
FIFINE K050 USB Microphone Mini with Adjustable Gooseneck for Video-call, Dictation on Laptop/PC
$ 22.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE K050  A anti-wind foam cover  *2 YEAR WARRANTY (if order from FIFINE website) Features Plug & Play capability Take it out of box, plug it in to the front or the back of PC. You are good to go.  No bother with setting changes. In most...
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