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How to join 100% Cash Back Deals

100% Cash Back Guaranteed! You will get free products by just sharing a product review!

Follow simple steps below

  • Step 1: Click "100% Cash Back Deals" to find whatever you like. 
  • Step 2: Buy from the most popular marketplace Amazon. All items will be delivered within 2-5 days (The delivery takes a bit longer than usual due to the coronavirus outbreak);
  • Step 3: Write Product Review and share your excitements with all others AFTER 2 weeks, counting from the day you receive the product;
  • Step 4: Click "", type "Cash Back", and fill up “Cash-back Request Form” ;
  • Step 5: Get 100% Reimbursement from us within 3-4 business days;
If you have any question, please message us on Facebook by clicking ""
we are super excited to help you!
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