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FIFINE PC Microphone with 3.5mm Output Connector for Skype Calls, Gaming-K667

FIFINE PC Microphone with 3.5mm Output Connector for Skype Calls, Gaming-K667

$ 21.99 USD

What's Included

  • Tripod stand
  • Foam cover


Rugged metallic design 

All-metal body with sleek finish adds a bit aesthetic feel to its low profile. 

Literally plug & play set up 

Take it out of box, plug into computer 3.5mm MIC jack, it will instantly takes over internal mic and give you refresh audio experience. 



Q: Can I use it with smartphone or tablet/iPad? 

A: No, the 3.5mm output connector of K667 is TRS plug and the mic itself need 5V power to work. It means that you can only hook it up with computer that has dedicated 3.5mm MIC jack.    


Q: Can I use it with speaker that has 3.5mm AUX jack or plug it into 6.5mm jack via an adapter? 

A: No, neither input jack mentioned above on speaker provides plug-in power supply. While K667 needs 5V power to work, so it will not perform at all even the size of input jack fits.  


Q: Why the the sound is so low, I can barely hear it? 

A: K667 is a analog microphone, which doesn't have built-in ADC (analog to digital converter). So it's all down to the computer internal sound card to do conversion. 

You can try cranking up computer input level to 80% and speak much closer to the mic at around 3 inches. And it still doesn't turn any better, consider getting an external sound card. Let it do the job of conversion and send digital signal to computer. You would be able to sound louder by the time. 


Q: I plugged it into the 3.5mm jack of my computer and it just didn't work? 

A: Most of the current computers, especially laptop and Apple computer(including Mac, iMac, Mac Mini) has only one 3.5mm input that combines mic jack and headphone jack. That means you need to plug in a microphone with TRRS to get it work on those computers. While K667 is TRS microphone.


Q: Is it possible to make it work on those computer with mic and headphone combo 3.5mm input jack? 

A: Yes. You're not really buying the wrong product, just a simple USB sound card will help fix the problem, which making this K667 a computer USB compatible mic.   


Q: My laptop has dedicated 3.5mm MIC jack, I plug the mic in but it still didn't work? 

A: Once you hook up K667, it will replace the original internal mic. So you won't see any notification to tell you the mic is ready to work. And in every application, you just need to set the built-in mic as default input, and you're good to use K667. 

Thus, what you could do now is to check if K667 replaces the internal mic: Right click speaker icon, choose "Recording Devices", check if the level meter of the built-in mic (usually listed as Realtek High Definition Audio or something like that) bounces when you speak to K667.

If meter turns green and moves, just make sure this internal mic is the default setting in all application you're going to use. If not, just Contact Us right away with your test info.  

If you're using an Apple computer that also has two 3.5mm jacks and one of them is MIC input, but the mic still didn't work, it gets tricky to find out the reason. Because we can't tell if it's a defective problem. The best solution is to find another computer with 3.5mm MIC input to test out.  



Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Omni-directional
Frequency Response 50-16kHz
Power Supply 5V plug-in power
Output Connection 1/8" TRS connector

*Wanna get more info about tech aspect, feel free to Contact Us

1. Order Information

Q: What if I want to cancel the order right after payment?

A: Please Contact Us immediately if you would like to make changes to your order.


2. Shipping Policy

Q: Do you have international shipping?

A: Sorry, no. Products on FIFINE website are not available for global shipping. Delivery covers only US (50 states only and APO/FPO address is not included), Canada and UK. For customers who live outside US, CA and UK, you can check out on FIFINE AliExpress Store. 


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A: We process your order as soon as we receive it, which takes less than 18 hours. At that time, you can email us to cancel the order.


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A: 1. If it is a pre-order or back-order that is in stock, your package will be shipped first. 

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Q: When will I receive my shipment tracking number?

A: You will receive a notification email about the tracking information once your order leaves warehouse that is close to your location.  


3. Return Policy

Q: What is your return policy?

A: FIFINE MICROPHONE offers Free Returns within 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase and wish to return a product, then please contact our email. We will gladly give you the refund 


Q: How do I request a return?

A: Below are the procedures to return a product

1. Send us an email with your order number and the reason for return (Any product shipped to us without a return authorization will be returned to the customer at his or her expense.).

2. We will email you back instructions for returning and a return number.

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4. Note: Return shipping fee is covered by FIFINE only if returns are for defective products, products that were not described accurately, or incorrect orders.



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4. Refund Policy

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A: After receiving and examining your returned product(s), your refund will appear in your account within 5 to 7 business days. Please be aware that the refund will depend on the policies of PayPal that was used for payment.


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