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About Us


We are FIFINE MICROPHONE, a premium audio and microphone technology brand established in 2009. FIFINE MICROPHONE is never close to a simple microphone selling brand. It consists of Marketing, Sales, R&D, and QC departments. We utilize high quality, advanced audio technology to produce the very best in microphones, audio equipment and accessories. We got tired of settling for poor audio quality. Therefore, investing in the very best, highly-skilled and experienced sound engineers, audio designers, and technical equipment possible to create a line of some of the best audio equipment you have ever seen, just for you. We see what you see, feel as you feel and seek as you seek. We hustle day and night to keep pace with industrial advance, in order to strive for excellence that we can provide for you.


Young as FIFINE MICROPHONE is, we grow up rapidly from a small company to a globally oriented one within a decade. Our development is not a demonstration of how capital helps business, but how FIFINE MICROPHONE corporate code makes us more accomplished on both products and service. We established as a robust brand with good-value products and customer-friendly service in US, UKCA and JP.

In 2015, the very first microphone model, K028, was released through trial and error, creating a precedent for selling affordable USB condenser microphones on Amazon. Short-sighted sellers and manufacturers followed and the market was full of extreme budget microphones. But lacking of constant modification, improvement for products and considerate after-sales service, they never climbed up to the top of tree as we did in the budget microphone market.   

2016 witnessed a roaring success of FIFINE MICROPHONE. Blending with customers' precious opinions on the original model K028 and our engineers' technical view, we released a massively improved model K668. A USB desktop microphone with a favourable price tag, stands out in the competitive market because of its full metal build quality and fine-tuned circuit. It quickly became the best-selling computer microphone on Amazon. With constant improvement, its top place for $20 USB microphone is unshakeable. 

2017 marked a great progress of FIFINE MICROPHONE. Thanks to the success on Amazon, we branched out our business platform to Walmart, one of the biggest multinational retail corporations. Expansion is not the only way that we take up more market share on microphone, so we will be more than happy to welcome all-round-world business partners to share the promising future of FIFINE MICROPHONE. Representation is always at risk, but that is not the case for FIFINE MICROPHONE dealers. On the base of our keep-going product improvement, you are ensured of the very best product quality.

In the following years, local shop will be due to open in America. That will mark the huge success of all the FIFINE MICROPHONE hard working and code. Such step is not a piece of cake, but we will take any new challenges and opportunities with joy and confidence. And we are sure we will see you soon!  


What makes FIFINE MICROPHONE outshine other brands?

It is due to our belief--Quality First, Customers Foremost. It’s our enduring commitment to make endless efforts to improve our products in a leading business standard. Whether you are the teacher, broadcaster, gamer, lecturer, DJ, musician, audio engineer or videographer. You concentrate on your performance, we will focus on your equipment.

No product is built to be perfect. But every product can be optimized through users' reflection and manufacturer's response. We started out the wireless lavalier microphone range from nothing, so flaw is nowhere to hide. A photographer, Ray Christofer, found out that crackling noise was heard when he was under movement. We took quick response. Within a week the issue was solved and product model was improved by enclosing the capsule with cellophane to provide better protection.

Furthermore, thanks to the customers' feedback on the clip-on mic not being sensitive enough, we invented a best-suited head-worn mic in a month to help buyer get rid of soft voice problem. That is really the way and the attitude that we treat our product and customers' reflection.

Our success is also due to the high standard we set for the service we provide for our customers. FIFINE MICROPHONE earns a reputation for considerate and friendly customer service. We take responsibility for both products and customers. So you can get our two-year guarantee for microphones. And whatever problems you meet and inquiries you have, our technical support department will offer in-depth support through email, phone, and social media to directly address your questions. No precious time will be wasted on getting product to work, we offer you the step by step tutorial and guarantee you a sound experience like no other.


Sincerely thanks for your support and let’s embrace the better audio future provided by FIFINE MICROPHONE! 

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