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About Us

Greetings from FIFINE!

FIFINE is not just a brand for selling microphones and making profits. We have our R&D, QC and marketing & sales to utilizing the advanced technology to produce the very best and user-friendly sound equipment. You no longer have to settle for poor audio quality, because we employed highly skilled experienced sound engineers, audio designers, and invest in technical equipment to create a line of the best products you have ever seen. 

We hustle day and night to keep pace with industrial and technological advancements for the excellence that we can provide for you.


FIFINE is a newcomer in the audio industry but we grew up rapidly to a globally oriented firm within a decade. It is not due only to capital investment, but because FIFINE's code demands that the best in both products and service. We established a robust brand with great-value products and customer-friendly service.

In 2015, we released the first product K028 through trials and errors, created a precedent for selling an affordable USB condenser mic on Amazon. Then other sellers and manufacturers followed and saturated the market with similar USB microphones. But without constant product modification and improvement, and excellent after-sales service, they never climbed up to the top of the market for USB microphones as we did.      

In 2016 we witnessed the soaring success of FIFINE. We launched a hugely improved K668, built on customers' precious suggestions and our engineers' technical perspective. K668 is also a USB microphone. With its favorable price, full metal built quality and a fine-tuned circuit, FIFINE stands out again in the competitive market. It quickly became the best-selling computer microphone on Amazon and the top place for a sub-$20 USB microphone was unshakeable by the time.  

2017 marked great progress of FIFINE. Thanks to our success on Amazon, we have become experienced and branched out to Walmart, one of the biggest multinational retail corporations. Such a giant leap in the American market is just a small step of FIFINE's global development. But we know that platform expansion is not the only way to take a larger share of the microphone market, so we keep the principle of products and services in mind.        

In 2018, FIFINE cracks on with our Alibaba international business and welcomes business partners from around the world to share in the promising future of FIFINE. So far, we have achieved something big: the sales volume from only the Alibaba site for the past six months is over $2 million and it is continuing its rapid growth despite the recession. Distribution can be risky, but that is not the case for FIFINE dealers. Based on ongoing product improvement, you are assured of the very best product quality.     

2019 is an extraordinarily great year for FIFINE. After being nobody outside Amazon for almost three years, our hard work paid. YouTube tech celebrities, such as Linus Tech Tips, Techsource and HardwareCanucks, get their hands on the long-standing model K669B and K668, and ranked them at the top list of budget microphones. But a USB mic is not exclusive to gamers and nor as shabby as audio pros would think. Vocal artists, Jadyn Rylee, Ozealous raised their thumbs on some FIFINE lastest recording mics. We also jumped at the chance to launch the YouTubers-favored model - K669B in the Russian market and become one of the fastest-growing new entrants in AliExpress.       

2020 was never an easy year for anyone. The brands with their own factories are hit especially hard during quarantine. But FIFINE did not give up hope or our responsibility. As distancing and remote-working become an inevitable trend, the audio companies are playing an ever more crucial role in connecting everyone online. Waited until the lockdown eases, we got ourselves immensely into product development while maintaining the unintermittent customer services throughout the whole pandemic. Eventually what came out stroke everyone as odd, we have not only caught up with the trend of type C connection but nailed a great accomplishment of a three-capsule array microphone

In the future, local stores in America are set to be opened, which will mark a great success of FIFINE employees' hard-working and corporate code. Such a step is not a piece of cake, but we will face new challenges and opportunities with joy and confidence. You are sure to see us soon!    


What makes FIFINE outshine other brands?

It is due to our belief that quality and customers satisfaction should be at the forefront. It is our enduring commitment to improving our products and being a leader in quality standards. Whether you are a streamer, broadcaster, voiceover artist, musician, teacher, lecturer, DJ or videographer, you can count on the equipment from FIFINE.

No product is built to be perfect in the first place. But every product can be improved through users' input and the manufacturer's response. We started the wireless lapel microphone K037B from nothing. Thus our shortage had nowhere to hide. A photographer, Ray Christofer, noticed crackling noise when he moved around. We listened to his feedback and worked on solving this issue. Within a week, it was fixed by enclosing the capsule with cellophane to provide better protection. We also received feedback at the early sale stage of K037B that the clip-on mic was not sensitive enough. Just in a month, we invented a better-suited head-worn microphone to eliminate the problem. These are the approaches in which we utilize users' feedback to improve products to meet consumers' needs! We take responsibility for both products and customers and earn a reputation for considerate and friendly customer service. For any issues or inquiries you have, FIFINE technical support will offer in-depth troubleshoot through emailsocial media and phone. We guarantee you a favorable experience like no other.


We sincerely thank you for the support.

Together let’s embrace a better audio future provided by FIFINE!