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FIFINE M6 Wireless Lapel Microphone for Android to Go Live on TikTok/Instagram, Record Vlog, Have Conferencing

FIFINE M6 Wireless Lapel Microphone for Android to Go Live on TikTok/Instagram, Record Vlog, Have Conferencing

$ 39.99 USD

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  • The level of the smartphone camera rockets up, but the internal microphone bears no relation in that good way. Thus, relying too much on the internal microphone results in massively degraded audio and heavily restricted scenarios.
  • To make better use of the high-performance cameras and tackle those drawbacks, you should take serious consideration of coupling with a full-featured wireless lav mic.
  • Because of the direction and the sensitivity of a built-in microphone, its audio quality is nowhere near the external ones’. You will get much less distortion and most importantly less noticeable hollowness and echo.   
  • And you can run a more creative live on TikTok or Facebook by leaving your device on the desk and shooting from a distance.


  • FIFINE M6 wireless lavalier microphone expectedly makes up for the shortfalls of the smartphone internal mic, and it does more than that.
  • There is not a single bit of complexity was added to the setup. To capture audio into your phone, you do not have to have a mixer, either to worry about making the system work, it just works. Such simplicity is what the M6 presents you with. Small and inconspicuous receiver, convenience and minimalism of a transmitter plus microphone system.
  • Just connect the USB-C receiver to your Android smartphone, turn on the transmitter and they will automatically pair in a second. For not spoiling the straightforward setup with any adapter, it is better to use the system exclusively on USB-C mobiles, tablets, laptops or PCs. That means the action cameras, portable vlog cameras, DSLR cameras that have a USB-C jack are not compatible.  
  • Launch an app for going live on YouTube/Instagram/TikTok, video conferencing, or audio recording, and you’re good to go. The LED light at the bottom of the receiver gives you a clear idea of the connection status.


  • The setup is easy-peasy because no need to figure out which adapters you should use. The overall shape after the connection is not obtrusive or clunky at all, because the receiver is no thicker nor wider than most USB-C mobiles and no extra hanging out of your phone, which removes the stress of the mic getting in the way.
  • But if you dig deeper, you can find more than simplicity. The receiver, the part that you plug into your phone, uses a USB-C jack. But it is not the only USB-C connection of this tiny receiver, the additional one on the side is for either real-time monitoring or charging the phone up while using.
  • The only tricky thing for a USB type of monitoring jack is that you need to use either an adapter to hook up with your 3.5mm headphone or find a pair of USB-C ones. But what it can do is the important bit. It allows you to hear whether there is sound going into your device, how you are actually heard and what audio coming out of your phone, which will definitely give you peace of mind during any live situation or conferencing. Because you can be well aware of the loudness of your voice and keep it at a consistent level while hearing other participants from the conferencing or audience from your live in real-time.
  • Going wireless means battery power is necessary. But no old-school battery system here. The receiver draws the power from the connected phone, but it provides back a battery-charging channel through its USB-C port. It may not be as useful as the monitoring feature. But there will be once or twice when you grab your phone to start going live and find the battery going flat, then the charging while using the feature will definitely come as a lifesaver.


  • The user-friendly features do not stop at the receiver. You can also find some clever design on the transmitter, the part that is clipped to your clothing. The handy mute button, which is also the on/off switch of the transmitter, comes in first. It saves the trouble of disconnecting the whole system or unplugging the receiver in order to pause the live or conferencing for a while.
  • Not only the button of the transmitter has multiple-function, but also the USB-C charging port, which can serve as a live monitoring jack as well. When the headphone jack on the receiver is out of reach of your headphone length, you still can hear the audio picked up by the microphone in real-time through the one on the transmitter. Though the transmitter with a headphone sticking out may not look so good on camera, it is just relieving in some cases to hear there is audio being received and the audio is consistent.
  • With a headphone plugged into the transmitter, you can even find some hidden Easter eggs - the voice alert when powering on, pairing or shutting down the system.                 
  • The transmitter runs on its own rechargeable power. With up to 6 hours of battery life on a single 90 minutes charge, you do not have to bring it together with a bulky power bank to rest assured of the power for a whole live stream.
  • The nice attention to detail can even be seen on the clip, which is 360° routable for adapting to different clothing and clipping positions, thus more recording directions can be chosen. It is important to feel comfortable when having the mic clipped on, thus, it is built to be light and add no burden to your clothing.


  • In terms of convenience, it is a huge step up from the wired lav mic or the shotgun one. For the wired models that use longer than enough cable, the wire will definitely get in the way and you have to go a step further to roll up to actually use it. For the ones with a short cable, the range of your movement is restricted.
  • Compared with a shotgun mic, the M6 lav mic will pick up much less background sound. Especially when you shot from a distance, like say 50 feet, the longest wireless transmission range of M6, the audio recorded by a shotgun mic will be overdrawn by the environmental noises for sure. Apart from the better rejection, a wireless lav mic is also more perfect for you to try different angles and distances for shooting video or going live.

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Megan D.

Very high quality, easy to use. Met my expectations and would recommend.

cliente 11646 chimp 11646
Dos transmisores

Hola. Quería saber si es posible utilizar dos o más transmisores (micrófonos) a un solo receptor. ¿Se venden los transmisores por separados?

No se empareja queda parpadeando la luz azul

No empareja se queda alumbrando azul no lo pude estrenar que puedo hacer para solucionarlo?

Tedwin Rivera
I haven't received my package

I haven't received my package yet, I've already sent an email to your customer help center

Joshua Luna
Nice Product

Nice product got to use it a couple times rlly gold audio the headphone jack doesn't work even with an adapter tho