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FIFINE BM88 Low-profile Microphone Arm Stand with Cable Channeling, Handling Max 1.5KG Mics for Streaming, Podcasting
FIFINE BM63 Boom Arm Stand with 15.5
$ 39.99 USD
For most gamers’ list of waiting-for-upgrade peripheral, there is always a crucial item left behind, a boom arm stand. A good microphone does not necessarily mean good audio quality, but do not look in the wrong direction to try to get the best out of it in the first place. Without...
FIFINE U1 U-shaped Pop Filter with Metal Mesh for the Microphones with Diameter of between 40mm and 70mm
$ 19.99 USD
POP FILTER FOR MIC - This microphone accessory fits perfectly on Fifine USB condenser mics such as Fifine K669/669B, K670/670B, K683A, K678 and K690. Also suitable for mics that are between 1 3/5'' and 2 3/5'' (40mm and 70mm) in diameter, such as AT2020, AT 2035, Blue Yeti, Blue Yeti...
FIFINE AmpliGame S3 RGB Gaming Headset Stand with Lighting Control and 2 USB Ports
Sold Out
[Sturdy Material] Made of compact material, with a soft pad on the top, the black gaming headset stand protects your headsets from surface damage. With the non-slip base, the gaming headset holder gives your headset/headphones a safe and stable support, and protect itself from accidentally tipping over. [Sound Light Sync]...
FIFINE BM66 Boom Arm Stand with 37
$ 67.99 USD $ 79.99 USD
[Sturdy Mic Boom Arm] Built with durability in mind, this mic stand is made from heavy-duty metal, which can withstand weight capacity of within 2kg. Reduce slight vibration of the microphone, and obtain clearer recording sound quality. [Fully Adjustment] This podcast mic boom arm provides you with flexibility in positioning...