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Social Media Partnership

Join FIFINE, become a partner!

If you’re a creator with a passion for amazing content, we want you to become a part of FIFNE social community member. Either you love audio product and want to get hands on the clearest sound quality out of price, or you are just dedicated to sharing the best budget gear online with your followers, we’ll fit right in. It's not just about free and latest product, but also bonus such as affiliate commission and giveaway gifts to your fans! Feel free to get in touch with the authenticated contact reps below according to where you mainly create content and your countries! 

Topic of your YouTube contentContact emailRep
Podcasting/Voice-over/Audio & Videofifinezier@gmail.comZier

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Wanna know if the one who contacted you is the official staff from FIFINE? Check out the form below! If there is any doubt, please send us an email to FIFINE official support channel at 

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