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K690 FAQs

Self Troubleshoot before proceed any further. 

⚠️Please include the test result when resorting for email support.

  • Is "USB PnP Audio Device"/"FIFINE K690 Microphone" seen by your Windows or Mac or is recognized as unknown device?
  • If it is recognized and the level meter responds when you speak, but you still don't hear audio from the PC, have you selected the correct output device (computer or the mic) under the system and software setting?
    (Please refer to "It's recognized, but I didn't hear any sound coming out of my Windows when I spoke/It's recognized, but no sound on my Mac. " part below). 
  • If the computer sees it as an unknown device, have you test out on a different computer? Tried to update and reinstall the unknown driver a few times on different computers? 
    (Please refer to "My Windows/Mc is not recognizing the microphone" part below). 

Accessories installation

Not recognized/Recognized but no sound

Volume level/Background sound/Echo

Not working on my software

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