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How to Fix Microphone Control Adjusting Itself

12 Mar, 2021

How to Fix Microphone Control Adjusting Itself

Have you ever experienced the complaint that your voice was choppy or even worse it was muted without your notice during video calls or streaming? And not just your colleagues or teammates, but yourself will get rather annoying when you are not able to have a consistently decent level of input. Thus, how to fix the issue of microphone volume increases or decreases automatically? Below are the methods for your reference. They might be useful for only some people but for others, it is a total nuisance, which is all down to the quirks of some software settings and the Windows system.

Let’s kick off with the application control, which might solve the choppy volume issue in the first strike. Some apps request specific permissions for proper operation. It could be possible that the exclusive control from these apps allows the auto-adjustment of microphone volume.
Right click “This PC”-choose “Properties”-click “Control Panel”-search for “sound” and click it-click “Recording Devices” tab-right click the microphone being used-choose “Properties”- click “Enhancement” tab-make sure you uncheck the box “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”.

Then click the “Communications” tab-choose the option “Do nothing”.

Some applications do not ask the computer system for exclusive control, instead, they enable the can-understand-why feature of “automatically adjust microphone settings” by default. The mostly-complained apps are Skype, Discord and Steam. All of them have this feature enabled under the software sound setting or preferences. It is pretty easy to find, just go to the setting page of the software, find the tab related to audio/video/voice and you should be able to see the option to close the automatic volume control.

If the problem still has not been fixed so far, more or less it will be a matter of luck. Though you may still want to proceed with the rest three methods to try out your luck. Because you never know what could solve a computer glitch.

Check for Windows update-press “Windows + I” keys simultaneously-choose “Update and Security”-Navigate to the “Windows Update” tab and select “Check for Updates”.To perform a clean boot-press “Windows + R” keys simultaneously-type in the “msconfig” command in the Run box-click on “Services” and check the “Hide all Microsoft Services”-click “Disable all”-click on the “Startup Tab”-select the “Open Task Manager”. At last, select each service one by one and click on “Disable” to prevent them from launching on startup.

The very last method is left to a tricky one that is not so relevant but in with a shout to work. Right click “This PC”-choose “Properties”-click “Control Panel”-search for “Speech Recognition” and click it-select “Set up microphone” option-choose “Desktop Microphone” and click “Next”-follow the popped up instruction to finish the test.