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18 Oct, 2021

Audio Level Can Make or Break Distortion

In the world of speech and voice-over, distortion is extremely unwelcome, despite the fact that the slightly distorted instrument is surprisingly pleasant. If you plan to start a career in audio-book or voice-over, the must-possess knowledge is about distortion. If you haven't done so, get yourself a tiny bit of basis from


27 Sep, 2021

Take Advantage of Proximity Effect

The proximity effect is not always a bad thing. You can take advantage of it by placing the unidirectional microphone closer to the kick drum or the guitar amp to have a better boosted low ends. Thus, a more powerful and punchy bass. The same can be applied to podcasting or broadcasting in which the big radio sound is one...


17 Sep, 2021


一人からの評価だけでfifineマイクを知ることはできませんが、たくさんの人からの評価だったらどうでしょうか? カスタマーの使用感想を確認すれば、fifineマイクがもたらす高品質のオーディオ環境と利便性に、さらに納得がいくと考えております。 takablog: FIFINE K683Aはオンラインミーティング、ゲーム実況やYouTubeでのナレーション入れ、ラジオ配信などで簡単に使えるマイクです。お手頃な価格で高性能マイク買うのは可能だろうか?注目ポイントからK683Aのコスパ良さを検証します。 Gadget ManiaZ: ガジェる(


08 Aug, 2021

To Learn About The Proximity Effect And Step Out To An Actual Audiophile

Have you recorded with a directional microphone before, and did you find that the closer you brought it to your mouth, the more noticeable bass you heard? That is because of the proximity effect. But what it really is and how it really work? You can find more details from this blog post: