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FIFINE K040 Dual Wireless Handheld Microphones System with Individual Balance XLR Output

FIFINE K040 Dual Wireless Handheld Microphones System with Individual Balance XLR Output

$ 99.99 USD


What's Included

  • A FIFINE K040 receiver (NO built-in amplifier, an external speaker is NECESSARY! 
  • Two antennas
  • Two wireless handheld microphones 
  • Two foam caps
  • Two anti-rolling rings
  • A power adapter 
  • A 1/4" to 1/4" audio cable 


Derives from the popular K036 wireless system, but outshines it

  • Combing ruggedness, reliability, clarity and multiple-channel in an easy-to-use system. This compact receiver is pre-paired with 2 handheld mics.  
  • Hook the system up and turn the mics on, it is just that easy and just going to work amazingly.  
  • If independent controls are not fancy enough, then how about the party piece - a level meter that provides a visual way to stave off distortion.   
  • You can angle the detachable & fully adjustable antennas in any position to fit in limited spaces.  
  • Balanced XLR jacks output channel A and channel B separately for a high-level connection.   

Absolute workhorse, please show no mercy 

  • It will survive the rigorous drop & beat test; comes with a 2-year warranty so you can rest assured of its durability.    
  • If you are an MC who often passes the microphone from person to person for their speech, an expensive Shure could be overkill while K040 will do a great job.   

Emphasize the importance of frequency

  • People usually do not take frequency limitations seriously. But the reality is that if your system has too few channels, once it experiences interference, your show is going to be ruined.
  • K040 wireless has 50 frequency channels for each mic. If you are a DJ who travels a lot, you run into different wireless limitations. This gear will offer you peace of mind!
  • Up to 116 feet of UHF (Ultra High Frequency) transmission allows outdoor use without worries of dropout or cutout.  
  • What's more, UHF is a more penetrable and powerful signal, therefore a better choice for using in built-up areas. 

Raise your game with good sound quality 

  • This wireless system is best suited for presentation, live performance or small gigs.    
  • The compact wireless microphones may be too compact for a concert, but the flat and wide frequency response makes the projected audio sounds more like "you" than any other budget system.
  • The calibration favors highs which improves clarity for those who have a low voice like a broadcast host.
  • Thanks to a customized capsule, the handheld mic will pick up a lot more sound from the source, It's quite user-friendly for those who are not experienced in speaking into a mic to get a full sound.  


Frequency Band UHF 573.5-594.9 MHz
Type Dynamic
Polar Pattern Cardioid 
Frequency Response 50-18k Hz 
Wireless Range 33-116 feet
Power Supply

Transmitter: 2 AA Batteries  


AC/DC Adapter
Input: 100-240 V
Output: 9-12 V

Shipping Weight 1.5 kg


*For self troubleshoot and tutorial video, check out more at the K040 technical support page

*For more info about technical aspects or email support, feel free to click this link Contact Us

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