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Mixer/Headphone Amplifier

2 Products
FIFINE 4-channel Line Mixer N5
$ 21.99 USD
Features Get multiple gears connected in a more straight-up way Allows 4 channel inputs from guitar, bass, MIDI keyboard, microphone, etc.  Each channel can be connected with balanced professional equipment or unbalanced consumer products.    Output to audio mixer, amplifier or processor. Have more fun in your use Compact size...
FIFINE Stereo Headphone Amplifier - N6
$ 21.99 USD
Features Small size, big punch  Compact microamp can power up to 4 pairs of headphones with 4 independent volume controls.   Black metal finish covers the metal chassis, volume spins got nice resistance feeling.    It is particularly small in size but unbelievably solid in quality, which assured you of...
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