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FIFINE SC1 Recording USB Mixer with 48V Power/50dB Gain, XLR & Instrument In, Headphone & TRS Balanced Main Out
$ 54.99 USD
  The built-in audio of your computer is just workable, but the quality is not to scratch for streaming, let alone the audio recording or even music production. That’s all because the built-in soundboard is way too noisy and way too weak for both the input and output.    Not...
FIFINE AmpliGame H9 3.5mm Headset with USB Control Box for Mute, I/O Controls, 7.1 Surround Sound for Console/PC
$ 37.99 USD
[USB/3.5mm Connectivity] Elevate your gaming setup with a white color USB gaming headset, blending elegance and functionality for streamer gamers. Stay connected across PC/PS4/PS5 with USB PC headset, featuring a 3.5mm jack that offers compatibility with Xbox, controller, and switch. [Immersive Audio Adventure] Immerse yourself in the game world with...
FIFINE BM88 Low-profile Microphone Arm Stand with Cable Channeling, Handling Max 1.5KG Mics for Streaming, Podcasting
$ 49.99 USD $ 59.99 USD
[Sturdy Metal] The support capacity of the all-metal microphone arm stand can reach 1.5kg/3.3 lbs, providing stability for your podcast microphone. [Low Profile] The arm stand can extend from the bottom of your computer screen. The mic stand saves more space in a unobstructed view. [Cable Management] The boom stand...
FIFINE AmpliGame SC3 Gaming USB Mixer with XLR/Headset Input, Monitoring, Line In/Out, Faders, Mute/Voice Effect/Sample
FIFINE K669C/K669D XLR Condenser/Dynamic Mic for Vocal/Instrument, Voice-over, Podcasting
FIFINE K688 USB/XLR Dynamic Mic with Shock Mount, Touch-Mute, Headphone Jack, I/O Controls for Podcasting