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FIFINE Tank3 USB/XLR Dynamic Mic with I/O Control & Quick-mute In Type-C, Built-in Pop Filter & Hefty All-metal Body

FIFINE Tank3 USB/XLR Dynamic Mic with I/O Control & Quick-mute In Type-C, Built-in Pop Filter & Hefty All-metal Body

$ 80.99 USD $ 89.99 USD

  • USB & XLR combo jacks provide the best values for use convenience & sound quality.
  • Real-time monitoring, volume controls & mute button in USB mode with a dynamic capsule are cut for everyday everywhere usage.
  • Shape the neutral tone in XLR connection with different interfaces, or by setting up the gain stage with input dial in USB connection.
  • Heavy-duty “Tank” weight does not just change how it feels but also how it sounds.
  • View details, specs or QA below
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Customer Reviews

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Regina K.
Fifine Tank 3

I'll tell you a little bit about my impressions of using the microphone. This is my first Fifine microphone. The mic looks stylish and sounds better than my old mic. Also the microphone has a few nuances. To get more expirience from its use, you should record your voice in prepared conditions and use an additional pop filter. There is no stand included, so you should use your own pantograph.

Overall, the microphone is good for its money. I liked it!

FIFINE AmpliTank Tank3.jpg__PID:b2aaa325-bc1e-4d76-99b8-482577488abe

The Values of USB/XLR Mics are in a Class of Their Own

You can expect any streamers using XLR microphones to be spending an extra $100 or even higher depending on how much you spent on the mics and whether the best you want to get out of them. That means if the mic is already quite expensive in the first place, you have to invest even more to make the whole setup appropriate.

The compelling value of being XLR and USB allows you to have a more proper upgrade path of starting in the USB mic and then leveling up to the XLR connection. Why spend more than $100 on a USB mic if you will put it aside eventually to up the audio game? Besides, even if you’re a gamers who cherish and stick with every piece of hardware in the setup, a mic with an extra connection makes it even more possible. You don’t have to ditch the whole mic when it dies on your at sometimes in the future, it will relive a whole new life through the XLR port.

For beginners who walk their way up in the podcast field, the XLR means more than good compatibility, but the best-suited tone in your path of improvement. Since you’re not done with the internal sound card that is irreplaceable inside the mic, you can explore more coloration with the characters that different external interfaces provide.

@proyamyampc Tank3 on BM88 Low-profile Boom Arm.jpg__PID:2fceddeb-5485-4d23-8408-dc555ac669de
@giusetup tank3.jpg__PID:54856d23-0408-4c55-9ac6-69de226d429a
@chettystudios Tank3 on BM88 Low-Profile Mic Stand.jpg__PID:ddeb5485-6d23-4408-9c55-5ac669de226d

Party Piece -
The Best Neutral Tone from FIFINE So Far

Nothing too special with this type of hybrid microphones? The most natural tone among all FIFINE mics protects you from getting a double whammy. If it tilts toward the bass, and you happen to pair it with an interface with quite a warm tone, an awful lot of EQ work has to be done. It’s so balanced that finding an audio sound card working with it will never feel like a risk.

Noise Reduction of FIFINE Tank3.jpg__PID:ccb298cb-1292-4245-9b3d-3515d5b71f99

If the audio upgrade is unpractically far from you, then stick with the USB. It also has something valuable to offer in this situation or something that could be the real reason to consider getting one of these.

First comes the dynamic cardioid capsule. Speaking of the gaming experience, if the first thing popping up into your mind is the annoying typing and clicking sound, then this type of capsule that has better noise reduction is built exactly for you.

Noises aren’t necessarily from keyboards or mice, but also from the wall or even a computer screen, the flat surface where your voice bounces back or forward. Most of you may not have the treated environment to get full control of the overall sound. Then they are nowhere less troublesome for those who record podcast episodes or audiobooks in their rooms.

USB+Dynamic, the Recipe Cuts for Everyday Everywhere Use

Get full-on with USB as well  

My use environment is super quiet or I just want a bit of background added to my recording to make it all the more natural, how about the crammed on-board feature to ease and spice up your use experience?

Mic Level Control &
Physical Tactile Mute

Could the chunky input volume dial and the mute button with an LED indicator sell you on? 

You don’t have to alt-tab out of the game or live broadcasting session, but make adjustments on the fly according to the feedback from your friends or viewers.

Live Monitoring Jack &
Headphone Level Control

Or if you're not that into live streaming things, but more of a enthusiast dedicated to recording audio for your YouTube videos, your next audio book, or the podcast episode tonight, you will have everything set before hitting the start button, then the mic input control almost runs out of use. So does the mute switch, since no one dares to interrupt when you're on-air in your own room. 
The only thing you seem to need is the latency-free headphone monitoring to get the level of your recorded audio right all the time. And such a jack is right at the back of the Tank3.
You may not find a chance to use the outpot volume control during the recording, but it's just good to know that there's one standing by. 

@chettystudios Tank3.jpg__PID:c907f196-373e-498f-9202-a1a181789f3d FIFINE Tank3 Mesh Top.jpg__PID:f484c907-f196-473e-898f-9202a1a18178
@itshilsam Resize Tank3 Home Studio Setup.jpg__PID:8f9202a1-a181-489f-bd69-030de50e0415

It Claims the "Tank" Name for A Reason

Is it a good-looking microphone? That depends on how you take it. But it really doesn’t go overboard. It should fit in the style of your podcast studio straightaway. Without RGB, the sleek black body and gray mesh could still play a pretty good role in your gaming setup: staying low and highlighting your voice.

It’s one of the best-built FIFINE microphones. Apart from the two-volume dials, one mute button, and a screw to tighten the mount are plastic, all the rest components are made out of solid metal. It’s quite a task if you want to make a dent in the mesh top.

Compared with its predecessor K688 with a bit chunky body, the Tank3 seems to come from a different league. It’s trained to be slimmer but more muscular and weighty at the same time, which is not just affecting how it looks and feels, but also how it sounds: Much less resonance frequency will be heard! But since it doesn’t come with a stand, nor has a mounting mechanism to install it onto a universal shock mount, you may have to consider getting a sold scissor arm stand to avoid the vibration, especially if you bump the desk or move the mic a lot. The FIFINE BM63 could easily be one of the best mic arm to complement it.

Easy to Drive, Flexible to Shape

As a dynamic microphone from FIFINE, it has the advantage over most others for not being gain-hungry.
Then you don’t have to crank the gain on the interface all the way up to get the recording sound louder, especially when using the $50-ish entry-level ones, like our SC1 or the Behringer UM2 and it turns out that more self-noise is introduced.

Without the downside that may put you off, the merits of being good at rejecting background noises should convince you more of the performance.
To get the best noise rejection possible but without affecting the quality, it’s better to speak from the top in a slight off-axis angle.

The reproduced sound is pretty natural. But the whole point is not just that you can live-stream or record with its raw audio,
but more importantly, it’s so versatile that you can shape the sound in different ways to suit the needs of streaming and podcasting.

The distinct warm and deep sound from dynamic microphones always comes at the cost of sounding a little bit muddled. The FIFINE Tank3 is not exceptional,
but we really aim to make it the versatility king of the FIFINE. So you don’t get as much bass as the similar FIFINE K688 reproduces.
But without support from the lows, every bit more clarity may just sound harsh, and it doesn’t make much sense to sacrifice the character of the punchy oomph of this type of mic. Therefore the frequencies below 80Hz aren’t rolled off aggressively either.

Just in case you like the look of the Tank3 but want to get warmer and more pleasant sounding as you could get from the K688, take good advantage of the proximity effect from this Tank3 cardioid mic.
Speak closer to the top to emphasize the warmth. Or take a-few-finger distance back to give less low-frequency energy to the recording, and to avoid plosives.

To be as natural as possible among the FIFINE microphones range, you don’t find much presence boost in the mids either.
If your voice is quite nasally, one of the best things about the Tank3 is that it won’t emphasize those frequencies.
However, it may still sound a bit towards the lows if the alternative in your mind is Shure MV7.

The trebles are also quite consistent without much of the unexpectedly obtrusive frequencies.
And that’s what it does better than the FIFINE K688, you get the same or even better clarity but not that type of crunchy crispness.
As a result, you will hear less sibilance even though it has only an internal wind foam cover instead of the external one from the K688 to dampen the air-blowing frequencies.


Polar PatternCardioid 
Output ConnectionUSB type-C (mic end) to type-A 2.0 (computer end)/XLR
USB Power ConsumptionVoltage: 5±0.25 V
Current: 100 mA
Bit Depth/Sample Rate16-bit/44.1k-48k Hz
Frequency Response50-16k Hz
S/N Ratio>80 dB
Max. SPL120 dB
Headphone Monitoring Jack
Impedance>16 Ω
Output Power10mW
Frequency Response20-20k Hz
S/N Ratio95 dB
Shipping Weight 1.3 kg
Frequency Response of FIFINE Tank3.jpg__PID:ca97ce42-e3ca-4962-99c2-eb5ff01f9d20