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FIFINE C1 Lavalier Microphone with Extension Cable & Y-splitter for Smartphone, Camera and PC

FIFINE C1 Lavalier Microphone with Extension Cable & Y-splitter for Smartphone, Camera and PC

$ 22.99 USD


What's included 

  • A FIFINE MICROPHONE C1 (a lapel mic & a head-worn mic)
  • An extension cable (3.5mm TRRS male to 3.5mm female)
  • A Y-splitter (3.5mm TRRS male to two of 3.5mm female)
  • A TRRS to TRS adapter (3.5mm female to 3.5mm male)


Small microphone, great convenience

  • Super light-weight but well-built secret mic clipped to your shirt. No bother of it drawing people's eyes away from your content.
  • It takes up as little space as you can imagine. And as an affordable product, it even comes with a carrying bag!
  • No requirement on battery relieves you from low power anxiety and travel bag burden.
  • Plug & play on mobiles, cameras and computers. Do not make tricky setup the show-stopper.
  • Isn’t fantastic that as long as you got a smartphone, then you have already had a field recorder? 

The flexibility can't be beat

  • It has one of the longest cables out of similar-priced lav mics, up to a total 12 feet long with the extension cable. 
  • You are going to find it come in particularly useful when doing selfie videos with the phone on a tripod that is far from you.
  • The long cable can always be on the pro list this time. When you need it, the 5ft extension adapter does the job; when you don't, unplug and put it aside.  
  • Included Y-splitter will be the Ace up your sleeve when doing an interview or having two people on camera at once. 

Small investment, great return

  • You are going to end up being limited by the quality of smartphones pre-amplifier, then why choose a much more expensive lav mic but get marginally better audio?
  • Because of good sensitivity, it is less likely to get muffle as the others do, when you get it underneath clothing.
  • But still, you have two input options and no low sound can not be fixed by the head-worn mic!
  • Thanks to the clarity, the very last drawback of the small capsule is made up. It will serve as a dedicated echo-blocker from now on!
  • The same reason why it is going to hold up pretty well, even out in the wild. 


Clip-on Microphone
Polar Pattern Omni-directional 
Frequency Response 20-16KHz
S/N Ratio 60dB
Impedance Max 2.2Ω 1KHz(RL=2.2Ω)
Operation Voltage Range 1.0V-10V
Current Consumption 0.5mA
Connector 3.5mm 
Head-worn Microphone
Polar Pattern Omni-directional 
Frequency Response 30-16KHz
S/N Ratio 65dB
Connector 3.5mm 
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg


*For self troubleshoot and tutorial video, check out more at the C1 technical support page

*For more info about technical aspects or email support, feel free to click this link Contact Us

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