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How to Recording Great Audio with A Budget Microphone

18 Jul, 2018

How to Recording Great Audio with A Budget Microphone


When talking to high-quality or great sound, most of you may think there really is no need trying to make do with the cheap PC microphone on your desktop. However, using a budget mic is acceptable in some situations, especially for the starter. The sound quality mostly depends on how you use. Thus in this article, we will be looking at some tips for achieving quality recording sound when using budget mic.

1. The priority is to get a unidirectional microphone

To get started, you definitely want an unidirectional microphone, even though you don’t have much budget. Simply because this kind of mic that is able to pick up only your vocals in front of the microphone and cuts out all noise. This is very important if you find yourself recording in a room that is not treated properly.

2.Learn to use editing software

The recording cannot be 100% perfect, even you use the extremely expensive unidirectional microphone. So the post-production is important once you’re done recording. You’ll probably need to edit the files to eliminate mistakes, shorten the length or just improve the sound quality. I would highly recommend Audacity when it comes to edit audio. It’s a powerful open source that can ensure your audio sounds great with high fidelity.

3. Keep your microphone at a suitable angle and distance

If you place the mic too close to sound source, it’s quite easy that cracking sound comes out and you are breathing directly into your mic. It’s better to keep the mic roughly 45-degrees and 7 inches to either side of your mouth to boost your sound quality of your voice.

4. Keep the recording environment quiet

It’s better to use a quiet space with minimal noise and echo. It’s especial important when using very sensitive mic. It will be the disaster when recording in a noisy room with kids in the background, pots and pans banging in the kitchen, or a fan blowing in your face. You can try to do your recordings at night. This is because most people are usually asleep and you can control whatever sounds that are being made at this time. You will get surprising result.


To get great audio is not as difficult as you had thought. Some of the things you need to do are simple and basic. So, if you think the microphone isn’t satisfied, no need to complain first. Learn to use editing software, control and treat your record surroundings, make the necessary adjustments.