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Audio Monitoring on Your Mac

19 Jul, 2018

Audio Monitoring on Your Mac


Audio Monitoring that is, with the input turned on, the sounds you input from a microphone are automatically fed through the output so you hear back the sounds as you are making them. Unlike Windows, in which you can enable the function of “Listen to this device”, it seems there is no direct way to get real-time monitoring on Mac. But what to do when you need to check levels on a microphone or you want to pass audio from microphone through Mac to speaker while doing the presentation?


Hate to go through any tricky download process? The included app on your Mac will do the job, like the Garageband, Log Pro X, etc. But we will pick up the simplest one, QuickTime Player, which is easier to use and less CPU engagement to take up.

1.Open QuickTime Player

2. Go to “File”>”New Audio Recording”.

3. To change the microphone settings, click the arrow next to the Record button. Then choose “USB PnP Audio Device”.

4. To monitor audio while recorded, adjust the volume slider.

For other software, it may take you a bit of time to find the option of input monitoring (on Garageband) or software playthrough (on Audacity). Though you still can achieve the purpose of live monitoring.


The other straightforward method is to use a monitoring app for Mac, like AudioMonitor ( which will definitely help out. After the download and installation, you just need to select the correct input & output and click Play Through button to start hearing audio in real time.

PS: The software will reveal itself as a package of contents. The only one you need to be interested in is AudioMonitor. Drag that icon over to the Applications folder on your Mac to install the program. Feel free to discard the rest.


If you would like to suggest any other methods to monitor audio on Mac or have the problem of using that software, feel free to comment below!


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