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How to Connect XLR Microphones to Your PC, Smartphone for Gaming?

17 Jan, 2024

How to Connect XLR Microphones to Your PC, Smartphone for Gaming?

Instead of using an overwhelming traditional mixing board, there are a lot of more user-friendly options out there nowadays. Some of them are even surprisingly budget but still equipped with the 48V phantom power for any condenser mics and the mic amp with decent gain boost for most dynamic ones. And FIFINE AmpliGame SC3 is one of those stripped-down versions of audio mixers, but not completely barebones. Put aside the more practical volume faders, quick mute, and mic monitoring. The voice-changers, auto-tone and the sample buttons alone add more fun to the game chat with your friends.

Anyway, get back to the topic, if you're wanting to connect an XLR or a quarter-inch jack to your PC, then using AmpliGame SC3 is a very cheap way of being able to do that.

  • Get an XLR cable to connect the mic with the SC3 mic input.
  • How to bridge the mix with your streaming, gaming or recording device? Use the included cable that has both a USB-C and a USB-A connectors to hook up the mixer to your PC.
  • When you can get away from using the PC, then you can also record the XLR microphones directly with your mobile phone.
  • So in whatever platforms like Instagram and TikTok for example, you can also stream with the best possible audio but without costing a leg or something. 

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