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Improve Accuracy in Dictation Software

19 Jul, 2018

Improve Accuracy in Dictation Software


It’s not that easy to get the accuracy over 95%. It takes a lot of time for you to get good at it, no dictation apps are exceptional. The settings for different software may be slightly varied, but for the input device is the same.

Here are some methods for your reference.

  1. Speak in a room with good acoustics and no background noise. The apps hear everything.
  • Your dog barking.
  • Your phone conversation, or a discussion with your coworker.
  • Words you mutter under your breath.
  • Chewing noises when you snack at your desk.

If such an environment is not accessible, try to reduce noise by turning off or keeping the mic capsule away from the vibration machine like air-con, fans, etc.

  1. Position the microphone 1-2 inches from your mouth. The closer from your mouth the mic is placed, the less background noise it will absorb. It’s especially true for the omnidirectional mic, like FIFINE MICROPHONE K668.
  2. You would want the input level of the computer to be somewhere around 80%or so. You get a bit little lower than that, the audio would be muffled, which has the negative impact on the accuracy.
  3. Hold the microphone in a comfortable position, and consistently each time you use it.


For specific apps, below are the suggestions to improve accuracy on Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

1. Adapt your writing style.

  • Learn from you specific documents. (0:41-2:42)
  • Train words. (2:42-3:34)
  • Lear from you sent emails. (3:34-4:56)
  • Add contact names in your email to your vocabulary.  (4:57-5:45)

2. Add news or individual words to your vocabulary. (6:00-6:36)

3. Find additional tool to improve. (6:38-6:54)

For more detailed text info, check out the link below.