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In which scenario you should go for a dynamic USB microphone

27 Jan, 2022

In which scenario you should go for a dynamic USB microphone

Putting the tech aspects of the condenser and dynamic microphones into real life is rather confusing. So we will talk less about the number on paper but more about the features that you could benefit from in this blog. Just go straight to the point, for any application that is done in an untreated environment, you should choose a dynamic mic over the condenser. There are two main reasons for it, and there is one crucial reason why you should get a USB dynamic one.

The proximity effect is even more prominent on a cardioid dynamic microphone. But as we mentioned in the last blog post, you can take good advantage of the effect to make your voice warm and deep. Though lacking a full frequency response, the warmth sounds pleasing to the ears of your audience. The standard of pleasant-sounding is not set in stone. Maybe the mid and high ends audio is more toward your liking. But if you are in a noisy room, you definitely do not want a clarity-favored condenser mic to capture too much distracting sound from the background.

And there is no denying fact that a dynamic microphone is a better contender for noise-free streamings. Even if you get too carried away on typing your mechanical keyboard and clicking the mouse, viewers are quite likely not to lose focus on your gameplay. The close-up noises are fended off well, leave alone the environmental sound coming from the air-condition or from your kids’ shouting. What amazing streaming it will be if there is no complaint of ambient noises at all.

Apart from its inborn broadcast tone, the dynamic mics are so one-way focusing on the audio source, you are not going to get stressed by sound spilled from others when doing a group podcast.

Most dynamic microphones with a standalone shape do not work plug and play into your computer or Play Station console. Because they do not have a straightforward USB connection. If you are on a budget, the dynamic choices that are left to you are the handheld model, which does not fit that well into your streaming setup. Until now, FIFINE provides you with two dynamic microphones in different shapes but both with RGB to blend in gaming mood well. You can go for the FIFINE K658 with a looking that is better suited for serious jobs, like say if you want to go podcasting in some cases. If you want to go nuts on gaming, the FIFINE K651 is no doubt the one to perfectly match the madness you need.