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K025 FAQs

05 Jul, 2019

K025 FAQs

Q: How to reset K025 microphone?

A: You can follow step-by-step tutorial on K025 problem-solving playlist:


Q: What type of battery does it use? 

A: The mic needs 2pcs AA 1.5V batteries, while the receiver (the part being plugged into the speaker) uses 2pcs AAA 1.5V batteries.
When power runs low, the microphone screen will flash and receiver indicator will flash green light.


Q: How long is the battery life of this K025? 

A: Generally it could last 5 to 6 hours with fresh alkaline batteries or fully charge rechargeable batteries.

But different batteries vary a bit because of different capacities. We suggest you to try other brand new batteries to find the most durable ones. Please turn off both the transmitter and receiver to save power between services. Also, take out the batteries if you don’t use the mic for a long time. 


Q: Is the mic compatible with my device?


Click to check out more specific devices that are compatible with K025

Speaker with 1/4" MIC input It will perfectly fit. Though you still may need to change the speaker when using with external mic. For example, to switch the "Line In" to "Microphone", or you need to switch from FM Mode to other proper mode for using the mic. 
Speaker with only Line-in  It requires the signal that has higher level of power than a mic signal has. Mis-match will result in low sound. So we don't recommend to use the mic with the small speakers.

First thing to check out, if there is 3.5mm microphone input jack on your camera. Because some cameras only have an  "audio out" jack, not an "audio in" jack. And whatever kind of camera USB jack is not compatible, which does not allow audio input. 

Next, adapter is needed. And we have proper adapter for sale (though delivery may take a bit long) or you can buy from online store. But just contact us before purchase so that we could provide you with proper suggestions based on the specific device. 

Mobiles You'll need a different adapter from the one we talked above. In this case, we don't recommend to buy on other stores. If you do want to use the mic with mobiles, please order the mobile adapter from FIFINE website.

Note: make sure the transmitter has paired with the receiver before you plug the system to any device. (Receiver light remains RED, that means connected.)


Q: Do I need speakers or an amp? 

A: Sorry it doesn't come with speaker or have built-in speaker, so you will need to find a speaker or PA system.
We suggest to use the mic with the speaker that has 1/4'' mic input and mic volume control.


Q: Which speaker is fits?

A: Most speakers that have 1/4” Mic input are perfect for using with the mic system. For the specific speaker model, you can click the photo below to check out.


Q: Doesn't work. Help pealse!


Transmitter or receiver could not turn on Use 1.5V Alkaline batteries. Make sure the battery polarity is correct and the battery door of receiver is closed completely.
Receiver light is green, meaning it doesn't pair with the transmitter

Change new batteries and follow the resetting process in video below to pair the devices manually

Receiver light is red,but there is no sound projecting  Check if the plug of the receiver is loose (visible); change to other frequency; use the mic in the recommended distance (60 feet) and test the mic with another device if possible.


Q: The wireless microphone stopped working, the light is not turning red!

A: The light is not turning red means the devices don't connect with each other. Please change new batteries for the mic and receiver, and then reset the unit.

This is the tutorial video of K025 for reference:

And these are the exact steps.
1. turning off the power of the receiver (the part being plugged into the speaker)
2. turning on the mic
3. pressing and holding the set button inside the handheld until the screen flashes
4. turning on the receiver, pressing the set button of the mic again, the light turning red and the resulting in pairing


Q: How can i avoid feedback noise?

A: Before the setup, turn down the volume control and treble of speaker.
When plugging receiver in, do not point the mic at the speaker.
During the use, a) Slowly adjust the volume setting of speaker. b) Hold the mic close to the user's mouth for loud and clear sound. c) Keep the mic at least 9 feet away from speaker for perfect effect. d) Try to use the mic with other speaker if possible.


Q: Why the volume  was so low (not loud enough)?

A: We recommend to connect the mic to the speaker with 1/4'' input that is designed for a mic connection. If your speaker has only 3.5mm line or aux in which requires the signal that has higher level of power than a mic signal has. Mis-match will result in low sound. 
This is a unidirectional dynamic mic, that's being said less sensitivity to noise as well as sound source than dynamic mic. So, please hold the mic and keep it close to the user's mouth for loud and clear sound.
Turning up the mic volume on the speaker and using the mic at least 9 feet away from speaker.


Q: Is there a way to get a replacement receiver only for it?

A: Yes, we sell the receiver separately. Feel free to contact our customer support and confirm the version of the replacement receiver so that we could send you the correct purchase link. 

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John Cairo

August 15, 2019

For me, the instructions for the KO25 microphone is very comfusing. Is there a video showing how to assemble it step by step. Thankyou


August 16, 2019

Hi @John Cairo sorry for the confusion. Yes, we have the tutorial video for both setup and pair tutorial. But since you have left a comment, I just think it may be better if you can tell us what went wrong. And we can give you more straight forward suggestion. Below is the tutorial video for your reference.

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