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K037B FAQs

05 Jul, 2019

K037B FAQs

Q: What type of battery does it use?

A: The transmitter (the body-pack device) needs 2pcs AA 1.5V batteries, while the receiver (the part being plugged into the speaker) uses 2pcs AAA 1.5V batteries. 


Q: How long is the battery life of this K037/K037B?

A: Generally it could last 5 to 6 hours with fresh alkaline batteries or fully charge rechargeable batteries. But different batteries vary a bit because of different capacities. We suggest you to try other brand new batteries to find the most durable ones. And please turn off both the transmitter and receiver to save power between services. Also, take out the batteries if you don’t use the mic for a long time. 


Q: Can I use 2 of these with one receiver? Can I plug other XLR lav mics into transmitter?

A: No, you can't.


Q: Is the mic compatible with my device?


Click to check out more specific devices that are compatible with K037B  

Speaker with 1/4" MIC input It will perfectly fit. Though you still may need to change the speaker when using with external mic. For example, to switch the "Line In" to "Microphone", or you need to switch from FM Mode to other proper mode for using the mic. 
Speaker with only Line-in  It requires the signal that has higher level of power than a mic signal has. Mis-match will result in low sound. So we don't recommend to use the mic with the small speakers.
Cameras/Camcorders Make sure there is 3.5mm microphone input jack on your camera. Because some cameras only have an  "audio out" jack, not an "audio in" jack. And whatever kind of camera USB jack is not compatible, which does not allow audio input. 
Mobiles The (1/4'' to 3.5mm TRS) included adapter is for cameras only, it is NOT compatible with smartphone.
You'll need to buy a different adapter cable from our site if you want to use the mic with smartphone that still has 1/8" jack. 

Note: make sure the transmitter has paired with the receiver before you plug the system to any device. (Receiver light remains RED, that means connected.)


Q: Do I need speakers or an amp?

A: Sorry it doesn't come with speaker or have built-in speaker, so you will need to find a speaker or PA system. We suggest to use the mic with the speaker that has 1/4'' mic input and mic volume control.


Q: Which speaker is fits?

A: Most speakers that have 1/4” Mic input are perfect for using with the mic system. For particular speaker model, you can click the photo below to check out.


Q: The receiver blinks green and turn off automatically!

A: It's just because the batteries run out of power. You can replace them with a new pair AAA size batteries.


Q: Doesn't work. Any help with this?


Transmitter or receiver could not turn on Use 1.5V Alkaline batteries. Make sure the battery polarity is correct and the battery door of receiver is closed completely.
Receiver light is green, meaning it doesn't pair with the transmitter Change new batteries and follow the resetting process in video below to pair the devices manually
Receiver light is red,but there is no sound projecting  Check if the plug of the receiver is loose (visible); change to other frequency; use the mic in the recommended distance (60 feet) and test the mic with another device if possible.


Q: Why the volume  was so low (not loud enough)?

A: We recommend to connect the mic to the 1/4'' speaker input designed for a mic connection. If your speaker has only 3.5mm line or aux in which requires the signal that has higher level of power than a mic signal has, the mic will be low and hard to be heard.
The sensitivity of the lapel mic and headset mic are the same. The reason why the headset mic is louder is because it could be positioned much closer to the mouth than the lapel can be. So I suggest you to turn up the mic volume when you change to the lapel mic.


Q: The headset mic picked up my breathing.Any suggestions?

A: It's an unidirectional mic, so it will primarily pick up voice of person right in front of it. We suggest to adjust the position of the headset mic, 30 to 45 degree angle off axis to your mouth, then it won't pick up too much breath pops.


Q: How can I avoid hissing?

A: Compatibility and interference issue are major cause for the hiss noise.
Except for the interference from the environment (mobiles, computer, TV, game console, even the lights), there are some other factors.
For example some input jack on the camcorder is very sensitive that will cause the hiss. A powerful, loaded desktop PC would produce very strong EMI. A defective adapter or poor connection between connecting cables will also cause hiss. 
So please try to test the mic with other speaker directly (not using any adapter) and compare the result. Then you will know whether the hiss is caused by the compatibility issue.


Q: How can i reduce feedback??

A: Before the setup, turn down the volume control of speaker.

When plugging receiver in, do not place the mic directly in front of speaker.

During the use, a)Slowly adjust the volume setting of speaker. b)Instead of speaker, please position the microphone close to your mouth for loud and clear sound. c)And keep the mic at least 9 feet away from speaker for perfect effect. d)Try to use the headset mic if the lapel mic causes the feedback noise.


Q: Is there a way to get a replacement receiver part only for it?

A: Yes, we sell the lapel mic, headset mic, transmitter and receiver separately. Feel free to contact our customer support and confirm the version of the replacement part so that we could send you the link. 


Q: 1.I can’t pair them and it doesn't work; 2.could you word from word tell me how to reset the microphone?"

A: You can find step-by-step tutorial videos for above question on K037/037B problem-solving playlist:

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Ryan DeWitt

July 08, 2019


I have 2 of the K037 lavalier wireless microphones, one I’ve had for the last couple of years without any trouble. In the past 2 weeks I cannot get either of them to work with my iphone and app that I used it with previously. I am using an iPhone X and MoviePro app. I’ve tried changing the batteries and even purchasing different connectors (as I realize one is needed to plug into an iPhone). Any recommendations?

Thank you for your time.

Jorge Adolfo López Berbén

July 11, 2019

Hello I have a K037B but I can´t pair it. Please Help me. Can you send me the intructions please-


July 12, 2019

@Ryan DeWitt hi there, sorry for the late reply. It’s weird that two of them stopped working in the same period. Let’s troubleshoot the second one you bought, I think which has reset mode for better problem-fixing.
1.Is the channel of second one from 564-585 MHz?
2.Even you substitute with fresh batteries, the receiver of second one still turned up green?
3.Have you try reset for second one when the first one is shut off completely?


July 12, 2019

@Jorge Adolfo López Berbén hi there, I think you got the new K037B, didn’t you? The channel of the new one is from 564-585 MHz. Then you can checkup what’s the color of the receiver indicator first. If it keeps on solid green after replacing new batteries, the fastest and most straight forward method is to reset the units. Below is video for your reference, from 1:52 to 2:42. Make sure both receiver and transmitter are off before start and turning the receiver back on till the transmitter display start blinking.

Heather Hart

July 13, 2019

We bought the K037B wireless microphone last December and the microphone unit does not turn on. We have replaced the batteries with brand new ones and the unit still does not power on.

We need to get this replace or returned.


July 15, 2019

@Heather Hart hi there, sorry about the pair issue. What you mean is that the mic work for half year and it stopped working? Or it just never worked?
Besides the low battery power, interference and defective could be the reason. We can rule out one by one. Have you tried change frequency channels? Just try as many channel as possible. If the mic did work before, that could be a new local TV or radio channel released, which has impact on the mic channel. If all mic channel fails, then try the reset for a few time. This very last sort could help us determine whether it’s the mic being defective.

Stephanie Parker

July 18, 2019

My receiver just stopped working. I have replaced the batteries but when I switch it on, nothing happens. Help, please?

Juan Pablo

July 18, 2019

Hi, we can parent with an apple phone, with a app?


July 18, 2019

@Juan Pablo hi there, did you mean using Bluetooth connection to hook up mic with your iPhone? Sorry, the mic doesn’t have Bluetooth setting, so it won’t work.
Or you mean plugging the mic into your iPhone and use it with an app? Actually we would recommend the K031B model (link is below) instead, with a lightening male to USB type A female adapter, you can easily get it work on your iPhone.
But as for the K037B model you mentioned, it’s quite tricky to set them up. You need a TRS to TRRS adapter and a 3.5mm female to lightening male adapter. And because of one two more adapter, we can’t be certain that it will work. Even it does, the sound quality may not be quite perfect.


July 18, 2019

@Stephanie Parker hi there, not even the receiver indicator turned up? If so, I’m sorry that the receiver itself did break as you suspected. But we will help fix it. Could you email us with the order ID and order address at

David Brown

October 13, 2019

Hello Sir or Ma’am,
I have this microphone and I attempted to hook it to my Canon HD XA10, and also my 4k camera which is a Sony….neither worked with this mic. The light on the transmitter stays red…it only changes to green very quickly as I am going through the channels on the pack with the microphone. I have attempted to reset it all and no results. Is there something wrong with the unit?
Thank you (in advance) for your assistance.

D. Brown


October 13, 2019

I used this just once, and will be using it once a month for a prison ministry. We could not lower the volume of the mic even at the lowest position on the speaker. I believe we had the speaker on when we plugged the device into it.I’m hoping that was the problem. I won’t know until we go back into the prison. Other then that it was great! Any suggestions other than the above will be appreciated, thanks


October 14, 2019

Hi @David Brown the Canon camcorder video has the mic jack and the receiver turn up red, both conditions mean the mic should be working. It’s weird that there’s no sound. Any level meter response when you turn up the volume on the camcorder?
From the current info we got, I think that could be an issue from the adapter.


October 15, 2019

Hi @George so I think you’re talking about using the head-worn mic and the sound being too loud?
You can try using the lapel mic instead, which will be clipped under your chin and your voice is not blowing the capsule directly. As a result, there’s less loudness and plosive you will get. If you have to stick with the headset, try pulling the mic away from your mouth to the side way, so the air won’t blow into the capsule directly either. And to find the most suited pickup angle, you can take off the wind cap to find where the capsule is pointing and make sure the air from you do not hit it.
Or if the problem you had is neither loud sound or plosive noise? You can click the Message Us button to have a chat on Facebook.

Jack Dyer

October 15, 2019

I am a Wedding Officiant and at times I am required to use my K037B system outside. I have had occasions where the wind is strong enough that it causes an unwanted sound from my speaker.
Is there any thing I can do to keep this from happening?




October 16, 2019

Hi @Jack Dyer, you can buy some dead cat, the windscreen muff (something like the one below), which does a better job at wind noise rejection than the foam cover. You can check out the video below to see if that rejection effect would be enough for you.
Dead cat:

Colin O'Neill

October 21, 2019

I picked up two of these and a splitter for my canon sl2 DSLR.How do I get them both to work?can they be in different channels?thanks


October 21, 2019

Hi @Colin O’Neill two of the transmitters have to be in different channel to work at the same time. So you can expect to use only one receiver with two transmitter.
But there’s an easy fix for the issue you have. You just need a splitter like the one below, then you can hook up two receivers with one mic input on your Canon SL2.

Afshin Farahpour

October 31, 2019

I purchased K037 through Amazon four days ago, but I can not record the audio from my Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus. I found out this model not working with a cell phone.
Which model should I purchase that is work with Samsung Galaxy? Wireless Microphone


October 31, 2019

Hi @Afshin Farahpour sorry about the issue, you still need to have a smartphone adapter, the package included one is for camera, which uses a TRS connector. A smartphone adapter needs to be TRRS to make the mic work.
You can order one from our accessory website, and it will work well with your Samsung S8+

parkash Chand

November 01, 2019

Hi team

we are using microphone model k037b
setup has been done, but wireless unable to record the voice

please provide the solutions as soon as possible.


November 02, 2019

Hi @parkash Chand first off, the problem could lie in the setup itself, the system uses a TRS connector, that means when you plug it into a device without a jack that is specific for microphone, it won’t work. Such as the devices of smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.
Next, if you hook up with camera, the mic is compatible. Then we should look at the power and sync issue. Did receiver lighted up green or did it flash?
We will need these two info before we can proceed to fix the issue.


November 04, 2019

What is the actual Output Impedance of the K037B Wireless Microphone?


November 04, 2019

Hi @Larry it’s 1-1.9K ohm, it’s low Z output.

Donald McKenzie

November 24, 2019

Can these mics be run through a soundboard?

Ricardo Barbosa

November 24, 2019

Hi, I just purchased the K37, and the receiver light is only slowly blinking green. Never becomes red. I already tried new batteries, and factory reset, and no way the receiver pairs with the transmitter. Anything else I can do?

Thank you


November 25, 2019

Hi @Donald McKenzie it’s plug and play on mixer that has XLR and 1/4" combo jack. If only XLR mic in, you can also consider to hook up through the 1/4" Line in jack.


November 25, 2019

Hi @Ricardo Barbosa sorry about the issue. It could be the product issue if the reset still didn’t help. But just in case there’s something miss in the process, do you mind bringing back to factory setting for one more time.
Three thing you may need to pay a bit more attention to. Firs off, the units should be off. Next, the transmitter screen should flash and the 564 frequency should be seen on it. At last, the receiver should blinks green and red for three time when you turn it on.

Ian Crundwell

November 26, 2019

The headset is loose on my head. Can I bend the frame or do I risk breaking it? How can this be adjusted to tighten up on the face?


November 27, 2019

Hi @Ian Crundwell yes there’s such risk because the band is not quite bendable. But if you really need to have the headset tightened on your face, it seems the only way it’s to bend it. If it broke, we could provide a replaced headset.

Dimitris Daniil

December 16, 2019

Hi, can you please give the pinout of the transmitters microphone port?
I have seen that other manufacturers, using the 3 pin plug, use pin 1 as shield and pin 2 an3 shorted or joined with a resistor. What is the case with our K037?



December 17, 2019

Hi @Dimitris Daniil we’re not sure what kind of pin out you want to see. But the wiring you mentioned would be the same case for the transmitter mini XLR connector.

Damon Smith

December 31, 2019

How do you get the frequencies down to the lower range? Mine is set at the highest one, but won’t connect properly. I’ve reset it, but it keeps going back to the highest one. It works for about 3 seconds, then the green light comes back on. New batteries, and this is a new problem, hoping the lower frequencies will solve it.


January 03, 2020

Hi @Damon Smith sorry for the issue and the late reply. It sounds like the issue of top button on the transmitter. And thus the frequency was set at the highest, the reset was not actually done and the units remained unpaired. But we may still need to confirm, when you click the top button for once, did the frequency figure on transmitter display change? Or you have to click several time to make 1 MHz change?
You can also contact us on Facebook page: or support email: with the info we need and the order number. We have dedicated after-sales service on those channel.


January 10, 2020

Transmitter or receiver could not turn on – I used new batteries and it is completely shut and won’t turn on.


January 12, 2020

Hi @Leanne sorry about the issue, since you have contacted our support email, I’m sure our after-sales colleague will take good care of your case. Hope it will get fixed soon!

Peter Babbington-Fowles

January 12, 2020

Hi I just bought one of these

Q1. Will it work with the MiPRO/ACT 2401 receiver?

Q2. How do I change the transmit frequency?


January 13, 2020

Hi @Peter Babbington-Fowles the ACT 2401 doesn’t have 1/4" mic input, and there’s no way to synce K037B transmitter with it, so it wont work. You can click the top button for once to change frequency.


January 17, 2020

Hi i bought it few days back ot was working fine but now the transmitters screen and screens back light is not working the transmitter is working fine though. Please suggest what is wrong with it. And how do i avail my warranty.thanks


January 19, 2020

Hi @Vishesh sorry about the issue and late reply, since you have contacted our support email, I’m sure our after-sales colleague will take good care of your case. Hope it will get fixed soon!


January 30, 2020

I bought the K037B to use with my iPhone XR. I can’t seem to make the mic pick up sound. I have the lightning cable, and use the “video” recorder that comes with the phone. I can see that the units are paired fine, but still no sound. Do I need an app on my iphone? I’ve looked at all trouble shooting and nothing fits my scenerio.


January 31, 2020

Hi Paula according to your description, it seems like just the problem of the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. When did you buy the K037B? We asked so because only the recent batch of K037B comes with the phone adapter. Such adapter uses the TRRS plug, which has three black loops on the connector. If you just bought the K037B, then make sure you use the phone converter, which has a smartphone label. If there still no sound, please contact us at


January 31, 2020

This will not pair. New batteries could it be something else.


February 01, 2020

Hi Marquetta, with the new batteries, the receiver should keep solid light, doesn't it? If it's solid green, you may want to check another time of the reset process. 1.Both unti (receiver and transmitter) should be off at the very beginning. 2.Transmitter should show 564MHz on display and screen should keep flahsing. 3.When receiver was turned on and before the confirm step on transmitter, the receiver should flash red and green in alternative for a few times. If that's the exact process of your reset, you can contact us at with the test info and order number. We would help out.


February 02, 2020

You responded, but the contact you gave doesn’t work.
Yes I bought it 2 weeks ago, and the adapter for phone was in there, and i used it and still no sound.
I bought the white apple adapter and used your adapter so please help!

Hi Paula according to your description, it seems like just the problem of the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. When did you buy the K037B? We asked so because only the recent batch of K037B comes with the phone adapter. Such adapter uses the TRRS plug, which has three black loops on the connector. If you just bought the K037B, then make sure you use the phone converter, which has a smartphone label. If there still no sound, please contact us at


February 03, 2020

Hi Paula it's my bad, it should be our support email. OK, now the setup is totally fine. When you say no sound, do you mean you want to hear the audio coming out of your iPad while you’re talking to the mic? If yes, I’m afraid that it will not work. Because when you plug in the Apple adapter, the internal speaker of iPad is disable automatically.
And because of the same reason, if you just want hear the audio after you use the mic to record, you still have to unplug the lightning adapter first, and then play the recorded video.

Pete Patterson

February 11, 2020

Hi I have the K037 wireless microphone which seems to work great however I was concerned as to why I have the headphones and not the lapel mic which is what I actually prefer and need. Is it possible for you to send me the lapel microphone.

Thanks Pete


February 11, 2020

Hi @Pete Patterson you can order a spare lav mic here:

Jian Zhang

March 14, 2020

I bought the K037B and found it won’t connect to my Android phones, which are Xiaomi and Blackberry. I have the TRRS cable for phone and the TRS for camera. Can I use the TRRS to connect my Mac book pro, which I guess has a TRRS plug in?


March 16, 2020

Hi Jian Zhang.
If you wanna use the cellphone with your microphone, you need to first use the 1/4’’ to 1/8’’ TRRS adapter-for Phone, then download the app “open camera” and set the external microphone as default input device.
If you wanna use the mic on the Macbook pro, you need the 1/4’’ to the USB interface.

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