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K037B FAQs

06 Jul, 2019

K037B FAQs

Q: How long is the battery life of this K037/K037B?

A: It depends on what kind of batteries you use. The most common ones last for 4 hours normally. And the screen displays the power of the battery. When power runs low, the screen will also flash.


Q: Can I use 2 of these with one receiver? Can I plug other XLR lav mics into transmitter?

A: No, you can't.


Q: The receiver blinks green and turn off automatically!

A: It's just because the batteries run out of power. You can replace them with a new pair AAA size batteries.


Q: How can I avoid hissing?

A: Before the setup, turn down the volume control of speaker.

When plugging receiver in, do not place the mic directly in front of speaker.

During the use, a)slowly adjust the volume setting of speaker. b)Instead of speaker, please direct the microphone to your mouth for loud and clear sound. c)And keep the mic at least 9 feet away from speaker for perfect effect.


Q: 1.I can’t pair them and it doesn't work; 2.could you word from word tell me how to reset the microphone?"

A: You can find step-by-step tutorial videos for above question on K037/K037B problem-solving playlist:

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Jorge Adolfo López Berbén

July 12, 2019

Hello I have a K037B but I can´t pair it. Please Help me. Can you send me the intructions please-


July 12, 2019

@Ryan DeWitt hi there, sorry for the late reply. It’s weird that two of them stopped working in the same period. Let’s troubleshoot the second one you bought, I think which has reset mode for better problem-fixing.
1.Is the channel of second one from 564-585 MHz?
2.Even you substitute with fresh batteries, the receiver of second one still turned up green?
3.Have you try reset for second one when the first one is shut off completely?


July 12, 2019

@Jorge Adolfo López Berbén hi there, I think you got the new K037B, didn’t you? The channel of the new one is from 564-585 MHz. Then you can checkup what’s the color of the receiver indicator first. If it keeps on solid green after replacing new batteries, the fastest and most straight forward method is to reset the units. Below is video for your reference, from 1:52 to 2:42. Make sure both receiver and transmitter are off before start and turning the receiver back on till the transmitter display start blinking.

Heather Hart

July 14, 2019

We bought the K037B wireless microphone last December and the microphone unit does not turn on. We have replaced the batteries with brand new ones and the unit still does not power on.

We need to get this replace or returned.


July 15, 2019

@Heather Hart hi there, sorry about the pair issue. What you mean is that the mic work for half year and it stopped working? Or it just never worked?
Besides the low battery power, interference and defective could be the reason. We can rule out one by one. Have you tried change frequency channels? Just try as many channel as possible. If the mic did work before, that could be a new local TV or radio channel released, which has impact on the mic channel. If all mic channel fails, then try the reset for a few time. This very last sort could help us determine whether it’s the mic being defective.

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