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K053 FAQs

05 Jul, 2019

K053 FAQs

Self Troubleshoot before proceed any further. 

Please include the test result when resorting for email support.

1.Plug in USB, it's normal that the blue indicator blinks for a few secs and doesn't stay on

2.Is "USB PnP Audio Device" seen by your Windows or Mac, or is recognized as unknown device?

3.If it is recognized and level meter responds when you speak, but you still don't hear audio from PC, have you select correct output device (computer or the mic) under system and software setting?

4.If computer sees it as unknown device, have you test out on a different computer? Tried to update and reinstall the unknown driver for a few times on the same computer? 


Q: 1. it is not recognized by computer; sound on my Mac?

A: You can find step-by-step tutorial videos for above question on K053 problem-solving playlist:


Q: Does K053 USB lapel mic work with phones?

A: Yes, it does. But you need a USB type A to type C or lightening adapter and we have confirmed that it works with: Samsung S and Note series of 7/8/9, iPhone 5-8, XS MAX, Sony Z series, Goolge Pixel 2 and Huawei Mate and P 20. If you are using model that is not listed above, as long as the released date of your phone is similar to those mentioned models, the mic should still work.


Q: Microphone doesn't work with my Skype!"

A: 1.Follow the playlist: to check if K053 is working properly. 

2.For Windows user, you can go to Setting→Privacy→Microphone, and set it to allow apps to access to microphone, at lasts restart computer.

3.Update Skype to latest version or re-install the latest Skype.

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November 17, 2019

Does K053 USB lapel mic work on Linux or raspberry pi ?


November 18, 2019

Hi @Aria most of the Linux have USB plug and play feature built-in, then this K053 will work. But we are not sure if that’s the case in yours. Though if you have the external keyboard or mouse work properly, then this mic also will.

joel benatar

February 10, 2020

Trying to gte K053 to work with Android Kiosk screen with regular USB . Not working. Please can you help set it up


February 11, 2020

Hi @joel benatar current Android uses either type C or micro-USB jack, therefore, you got to have adapter to make the USB type A of K053 to be compabile with your smartphone. A type C (or micro-USB) male to USB type A female adapter will help.


February 21, 2020

Hi There

My new mic is working well as a microphone but is blocking out incoming sound. Have the same problem on Skype & Zoom. I have tried adjusting my computer preference, input & output selection etc but no luck. Can you help? Thanks.

Regards Ray


February 22, 2020

Hi Ray.
Sorry about the issue, since you have contacted our support email, our after-sales staff should take care of your case.
Hope it will be fixed soon!

Thiago Vieira Goncalves

February 24, 2020

Hi there,

I lost the windscreen for this microphone recently and was hoping to know where I could get a replacement.


February 25, 2020

Hi there Thiago Vieira Goncalves.
You could purchase the windscreen accessory on the website below.

Jackson Davis Adams

February 26, 2020

If I plug in my headphones through the 3.5mm jack the sound direction is reversed, are there options in the driver settings that can fix this?


February 26, 2020

Hi there, Jackson Davis Adams.
Plz contact the with your order number.
And it will help fix it up.


April 03, 2020


I’m on a Windows laptop; the K053 is recognized and working; however when I tried to record with it on Zoom, there was no sound. I appreciate any help as I need to make some videos today.

Thank you!


April 06, 2020

Hi Kelly.
As for the Zoom platform. Here are some tips for you.
1. Plug the mic into your computer first, then open the Zoom.
2. Set the mic “USB PnP audio device” as default input device BOTH in the computer sound setting and the Zoom. Besides, set USB PnP audio device as the default output device when you have an external speaker connecting to the K053 earphone jack. If dont have the external speaker or the speaker is connecting to the computer, please set the built
-in speaker as the default output device.

S Rolling

April 13, 2020

Does this work without using the headphones?


April 14, 2020

Hi S Rolling,
Yes. The headphone jack is needed if you wanna monitor your sound.
But it does work without using the headphone.


April 21, 2020

I am trying to use the K053 on a HP Chromebook. Will this mic work on it?


April 23, 2020

Hi @Robert, it depends on the variation of your Chrome system, but as long as keyboard or mouse works, then the USB PnP driver has been pre-installed on the system. And that means the K053 USB lapel mic is plug and play as well.

Alejandro Segovia

April 28, 2020

Hello: Can I use it on High Sierra 10.13.6?..


April 29, 2020

Hi @Alejandro Segovia there will not be any problem using it with Mac OS system.

Brian Davey

May 06, 2020

Does the KO53 work with Teams? is there a specific configuration that i need to do. I am using a Windows 10 PC.


May 07, 2020

Hi @Brian Davey yes it works with Teams, just need to make sure the defualt input is USB PnP Audio Device, which is K053. As for output, it depends on what output device you use and where you connect it. If it’s internal speaker or headphone is plugged into computer, then choose built-in speaker as default out. If headphone is hooked up to the mic 3.5mm jack, then choose USB PnP Audio Device as default out.


May 07, 2020


I have a Huawei P30 Pro and would like to know if the K053 USB Lapel would work on this phone if I use a USB Type C to USB adapter ? Thank you


May 08, 2020

Hi @Madi yes, no problem using it with P30 through a proper USB adapter.

Lance Weinberg

May 11, 2020

Just got this mic. It seems to work fine on my Windows 10 laptop, but it shuts off audio so I can’t hear the other person. What to do?


May 12, 2020

Hi @Lance Weinberg sorry about the confusion, but it’s just the issue of output config. Since K053 it’s seen as both input and output device, if you want to hear computer audio through computer speaker, you need to change output to built-in microphone. Or if there’s any external speaker or headphone plugged into your computer, then just plugging them into K053 headphone jack will fix this problem.


June 06, 2020

I connect this mic to my Oppo A5 2020 using USB-A TO USB-C converter. But it desn’t seem to work. What can I do?


June 08, 2020

Hi Andy,

Sorry, it is kind of weird. Cuz a lot of clients can use the microphone on Android phone through the suitable adapter successfully.
Could you plz try to plug the mic into computer, and check whether it works?
If yes, then it could be the problem of your adapter, plz change another adapter and try it again.
If no, plz send your order number to, then our after-sale team will help fix it up.

Tilak Dave

June 19, 2020

Where is the service center in India


June 20, 2020

Hi Tilak,
Thanks for reaching out!
Is there any problem with the FIFINE microphone? Or Do you wanna purchase FIFINE microphone in india?
For the former one, if you would like to give me some detail info, our after-sales team will help fix it up.
For the latter one, we are sorry that we have not had expanded our main business into India yet.

Soumya Prakash Pothal

June 26, 2020

Ever since I bought this lapel mic, whenever I insert the headphone or the earphones, the sound doesn’t come. Only if I hold the earphone jack pin tightly into the 3.5mm jack… Then only it works..


June 28, 2020

Hi @Soumya Prakash Pothal. Sorry about the issue, since you have contacted our support email, our after-sales staff should take care of your case. Hope it will be fixed soon!


June 30, 2020

Hi Soumya,
Sorry for the issue.
Could you test it on another computer to eliminate the possibility of poor microphone port?
Could you use your smartphone to record a 1-minute video describing the problem, including 30s for holding tightly and speaking, 30s for only speaking?
Then send the file to with the order number, then our after-sales team will help fix it up.

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