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How to Use RTX Voice to Solve the Problem for Centuries: Background No

01 Sep, 2020

How to Use RTX Voice to Solve the Problem for Centuries: Background Noise

Never ceasing background noise is annoying, even if the game sound covers a bit. A recently-launched plugin RTX Voice from NVIDIA will comes as a life saver! Some of you may have already heard of its magic, but you will just keep surprised by its effect.
Download RTX Voice:
When you click open the plugin for the first time, a wonder will definitely rise in your head: does such a bare-bones control panel, which has only options of input and output device work? Yes, it does and does rather well. You don’t have to do anything super complex, just choose correct I/O and drag the noise cancellation bar left and right to control the amount of suppression you want. The plugin will taking effect right away: thinking about children are loudly playing in the background but none can hear them.  
Seemingly the only drawback is that when it’s all the way up, sound quality is suck. But still it doesn’t matter that much, because if you’re in an environment with such constantly loud noise, you will go berserk before you viewers do.

If you are using any one of the FIFINE USB microphone, setting computer input level at 80% and keeping speaking range at around 5 inches will yield for the best raw audio before RTX Voice is taking effect. For those model with volume dial, then set the gain input below 60% in the first place. Having the right input level in the first place is rather crucial.   
Models with volume dial
FIFINE K678 latest USB mic with I/O control, monitoring jack and mute button:
FIFINE K670 USB mic with gain control and 3.5mm headphone jack:
FIFINE T669 studio microphone bundle:
FIFINE K669B USB mic with volume dial:
FIFINE K669 USB mic with volume dial
FIFINE K052 gooseneck USB mic:

There actual limitation of this mighty plugin is the your have to have the RTX graphic card in the first place. But nothing can stop you if you really look into it. And here is the way round the restriction. We are not 100% sure it will work in your case, but are 100% sure that it is worthy a try. If you prefer an video demo instead, watch the detailed explanation and tutorial from @Barnacules Nerdgasm the exact part starts from 10:38

1.Hold down CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open up task manager.

2.Go to file-run new task, and a little box will pop up.  

3.A must-do step to tick the checkbox “Create this task with administrative privileges”. And type in notepad in the search bar and click open.

4.Continue to open up a file in notepad, which should be under This PC﹥Windows 10﹥temp﹥NVRTXVoice﹥NvAFX. And come down to bottom of the window to change the format of the file you want to open up to “All Files”. Then click open the RTXVoice NVI file.

5.Find the section starts with <constraints>, highlight the entire part including the <constraints> and delete it. Then go to file again and hit save.   

6.Now you rerun the installed RTXVoice program, you’re going to find that you have pass the system check.