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How to Get the Best Wireless Microphone Sound out of PA

09 Nov, 2019

How to Get the Best Wireless Microphone Sound out of PA

There are loads of variables to determine the best PA system. But you only need to know three tricks to get the best sound out of whichever PA speaker when using with a wireless microphone!  

  • High volume level

Volume adjustment will crank up or decrease both the signal and noise. So it is essential to set a proper gain in the very first place to avoid hissing or clipping sound and excessive noise. Keep in mind that both volume setting on both the wireless system and the PA system should be decent.  

  • Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is covered under the wireless “umbrella”. So leaving the Bluetooth of your PA on, the wireless microphone is likely to run into problem, such as interference or even go further into malfunction.  

Turn Bluetooth off when using FIFINE wireless mic.

  • Choose correct source input

There are all-in-one PA solution for people who do not like to spend time on setting everything up. But they will like to check if the correct input mode has been select when a mic was plugged in. Otherwise, they will find themselves end up wasting more time on trouble-shooting.  

  • Switch to suitable channel mode

The same 1/4” channel jack for both a microphone input and music on some of the PA speakers, which brings convenience as well as risk. If you do not have eyes wide open for the mic/line switch, you are going to get into a mess. When the jack is mis-switched to line in  mode, it is going to to have more impedance and thus less intensity of mic signal you will get.  

Switch from Line to Mic mode when using FIFINE wireless mic. Otherwise, the output sound will be very low.


Notice: The wireless system of FIFINE K025 and K036 do not work with ECOXGEAR GDI-EXBLD810