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Use FIFINE Karaoke Microphones System with Home Theater

28 Dec, 2018

Use FIFINE Karaoke Microphones System with Home Theater

There are basically two kind of home theater, one is true surround sound speakers connected through AV receiver, the other is soundbar. The following tutorial is based on that two different situation. 

True surround setup, specific to AV receiver with FIFINE K036, K040 system. Because FIFINE karaoke systems use analog stereo signal for in & out, including RCA, 3.5mm cable, etc. This kind of two-channel audio source will leave rear or ceiling speakers at no use. But if it is not a big issue for not having true surround sound experience, there are two methods to connect with AVR. The first one, we would call it "one-source" setup, will mess up your current wiring. Therefore, if your AVR is connected with Blue-ray player, PS4, Xbox and the like, you could look further below for the second method - "combination of video/audio input". 

One-source Method

First, instead of HDMI source, such as Roku, Apple TV inputs into AVR, you have to get it onto TV HDMI and disconnect the HDMI ARC (if you use this connection).   
Next, please identify the wiring connection point at the rear of your TV. 
  1. There is RCA OUT (composite OUT). Then the TV audio can go from here to the "R+L In" jack of K036.
  2. If only optical output, an optical to RCA converter and an extra RCA to 3.5mm cable are needed. TV optical jack-converter-"R+L In" jack of K036. Purchase converter:
At last, just deliver the mixed audio of mic and TV sound to RCA IN jacks at the back of AV receiver. And make sure you select corresponding RCA mode.

    Combination of video/audio input Method

    First, you could keep your current setup unchanged.
    Next, check up the audio out output connection of the source, such as Roku, Apple TV box or TV. If there is a RCA out, just take audio from this jack to K036 R+L in. If only optical jack is available, then an converter is needed before audio going into K036.  
    Then, but you need to look for the exact RCA jack at the back of AV receiver to input K036. The input jack varies with different AVRs, and thus the best way to find the correct input is to look for user manual. Below is the Yamaha AVR for reference. In this case, you would need to hook up K036 to AV 5, AV 6, AUDIO 1 or AUDIO 2 jack at Yamaha receiver.     
    At last, change the setting of AVR to have video input from HDMI while audio input from the analog jack (RCA where you connected K036).

    Note: If you are getting confused and cant follow the tutorial, please message us on our Facebook page or support email with your TV and AVR model number, we will give you the step by step instruction.   

    Soundbar setup, you just need to look for the input jacks that are available on your soundbar. 

    1.If there is RCA jack, then unplug the HDMI or optical connection with your TV. Next, look up for the second step at the "one source" method above to connect TV with K036. At last, send the mixer audio from K036 R+L OUT jack to soundbar RCA in. 
    2.If there is only optical or HDMI (not HDMI ARC), the same as above: unwire current setup and take reference of step 2 from "one source" method to hook up K036 and TV. At last, a analog to digital adapter is needed to connected K036 with soundbar optical input. 

    3.If there is optical and HDMI (specific HDMI ARC), unplug the HDMI ARC connection and use the optical connection. And the rest setup is the same as above.  

    If you have any problem or would like to suggest any other methods, feel free to contact us! Some illustrations are below. 


    Below is the illustrations of "one source" method: 

    Smart TV+AV Receiver

    TV has AUX OUT or RCA OUT  
    TV has only optical out or coaxial out

    Notice: Converter Input: digital (optical/coaxial), output: analog (RCA).


    TV Box/Chromecast/Roku+Smart TV+AV Receiver 

    TV has AUX OUT or RCA OUT  
    TV has only optical out or coaxial out

    Notice: Converter Input: digital (optical/coaxial)output: analog (RCA).


    PS4/Xbox+Smart TV+AV Receiver 

    TV has AUX OUT or RCA OUT  
    TV has only optical out or coaxial out

    Notice: Converter Input: digital (optical/coaxial)output: analog (RCA).


    Projector+Game Console/TV Box+Smart TV+AV Receiver 

    TV has AUX OUT or RCA OUT  
    TV has only optical out or coaxial out

    Notice: Converter Input: digital (optical/coaxial)output: analog (RCA).


    Q: How to hook up with soundbar?


    Soundbar has AUX IN or RCA ON  
    Soundbar has only optical in or coaxial in

    Notice: Converter Input: analog (RCA)output: digital (optical/coaxial).

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    Marc Batalon

    February 10, 2020

    I just bought this K036 microphone and i have hard time installing it.

    I have sony receiver
    I have my samsung smart tv no rca but optical only

    Can you give me step by step to install it please.


    I actually connected it, i got the sound of my microphone but no sound for the music there is a picture on my tv.

    So i have luck to connect the microphone with sound and i put it under tv source on my receiver.

    The i have picture on my tv

    But no sound for the karaoke music coming put

    Please help.



    February 11, 2020

    Hi Marc Batalon yes, it could be tricky to set the system up with home theatre. But you can definitely get the mixed sound you want. Could you contact us on or email: And please let us know that besides the model number of TV and Song AVR, is there any other device connected, such as Roku, Apple TV? And if you have bought the digital to analog convertor.

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