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Using Multiple Microphones On One Computer

06 Dec, 2018

Using Multiple Microphones On One Computer

When you need to record face to face interview or two-people podcast, the bi-directional microphone comes in handy, but which is rare in the market. Then using two cardioid microphones is more viable method. The only problem is how you can make them work together while PC accepts only one of them as input. Today, we will give you step by step instruction to make multiple mics work on one single PC or laptop.

First of all, let’s go through the principle. We can’t change the fact that computer or software allows only one input source. So what we do is to aggregate multiple inputs into one. We roughly categorize the situation into two, Windows and Mac (apologize for those who use the other kinds of system that we still haven’t found the valid and effect method for multiple mics recording).

In this part, let’s talk about the setup on Mac. It can’t be any easier to set up multiple microphones with Apple computer. Check out very useful video below or continue follow our text instruction.

Please note that currently multiple of FIFINE K670 or K678 are not accessible on Mac, that means you can use only one of them.

  1. Open the “Audio MIDI Setup”, create your own “Aggregate Device” list and click the checkbox of all the "USB PnP Audio Device" or "MIC-TEST". Notice: "MIDI Setup" sees FIFINE USB mics that have headphone jack as an input and an output. So using one of these mic, you need to click two checkbox of the "USB PnP Audio Device" or "MIC-TEST", one with figure "1" under input and figure "0" under output, the other with figure "0" under input and figure "2" under output. 

  2. Go on “Garageband”, check out the “Preference”, and you will want the “Audio Input” to be “Aggregate Device” that you have just created.

  3. Delete all the existing tracks (just for finding your new tracks easily). Click the plus button to add a first new track. A new menu pops up, just select an input that marked as "input+one figure" (one figure represents mono microphone; two figure for stereo microphone). Then create a second track and choose a different input from the first one (also need to be marked as "input + one number"). Now two tracks are set and ready to go.

  4. To make sure recording of two mics can pause separately, you need a recording button for both of them. Just click “Track”→”Track Header”→”Show record enable button”. And then click on the enable to buttons. When they flash red light, you’re good to go, hit the record button! 

  5. If you are using FIFINE USB mics that have headphone jack and wanting to monitor audio, just click the monitor button right beside the record enable button on each track.  


Now, we will go through the methods for Windows. One is to use VoiceMeeter Banana, which allows 3 input at most but only one track recording, while the other is to aggregate mics by using ASIO4ALL which has no limitation on the number of input, but it is only accessible on some of the recording software. Before we proceed any further, we can give you the conclusion that it is pretty tricky to use multiple USB mics on Windows computer. 

Download Voice Meeter Banana
1.Open Voice Meeter Banana, select microphones for different “Hardware Input”. The same as how we did on Mac, make sure the mics you want to use are recognized.
2.Click on any recording program, under preferences, choose the Voice Meeter as input source.
The drawback is that you can not have separate tracks for different microphones.

The procedure of setup with ASIO4ALL is bit complex in this case. And on the top of that it is not compatible with all the audio programs but only some of the DAWs. If you don’t need more than 3 inputs at a time, just use the method a.
Download ASIO4ALL:
1.Open up recording software, go to preferences. Set your audio to ASIO and ASIO4All v2.
2.Open up settings of ASIO4ALL (you can find the ASIO4ALL driver on the right corner of computer). Inside the control panel, you want to click and activate the little power buttons besides your USB mics.
3.You need to select mics as left and right or different numbers of channels.)
4.Start a new multi-track. On tracks, use the input drop-down menus to select the input created at last step.
5.Hit the record, that’s you up and running with multiple mics at the same time.
Check out the links below for further reference on Adobe Audition and Ableton Live.
Setup up on Adobe Audition

Setup up on Ableton Live

That’s all the three most common methods to using multiple microphones with one computer. If you have any problem or would like to suggest any other methods, feel free to comment below!

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Elisabeth Lenschau Nielsen

October 13, 2019

I have two identical microphone, but can only find one of them in my MIDI settings.
Do you know any way around this issue? I’m losing my mind…



October 14, 2019

Hi @Elisabeth Lenschau Nielsen yes, it’s a bit confusing for the first time to set it up. But it sound like the problem it’s that one of them has issue. First off, instead of plugging them in and opne MIDI, you should plug one by one, and check up the “IN” of “Sound” under “System Preferences” and speak to each of them to see if meter move. If yes, then both of them work.
And you can good to open MIDI AUDIO to click two of the USB PnP Audio Device with figure “1” under “Input” to create an aggregated device.
You can also click the “message us” button on the right side of this page to contact on Facebook, we can help fix the issue there more quickly.

zach lucas

November 12, 2019


When trying to set up the aggregate device in MIDI one microphone is showing on channel 1 and one microphone is showing on channel 2. Then when trying to set up the tracks from the aggregate in GarageBand both mics record on channel 1 + 2. There is no channel 3 + 4 for the second mic. Is there any way around this?

Thank you,


November 12, 2019

Hi @zach lucas sorry about the confusion. But pleases don’t use 1+2 input, which stands for stereo microphone input. Just use 1 input for one of the mic and 2 input for the other mic. Then it would work.

Olivia Alliston

April 13, 2020

Hello, I have downloaded VoiceMeeter and have attempted to hookup both of my Fifine mics to my computer. I see both mics are active and I have them named differently, but only one mic is picking up audio. The other mic sounds distant because it’s only being picked up through the first mic. Please help!


April 14, 2020

Hi Olivia Alliston,
Here are the suggestion.
1.Open Voice Meeter Banana, select microphones for different “Hardware Input", make sure the mics you want to use are recognized.
2.Click on any recording program, under preferences, choose the Voice Meeter as input source.
The drawback is that you can not have separate tracks for different microphones.

Rezaul Karim

July 19, 2020

hi i want to use around 10 microphone for Skype or zoom conference. Does your hardware support that?


July 22, 2020

Hi @Rezaul,
Sorry, no. But with the interface, you can use 3-4 K037B at the same time.


July 22, 2020

Will this work over Zoom video chat?


July 23, 2020

Hi @David,
In your case, you should purchase the Audio Interface drivers and the XLR microphone. The below website is for your reference. If you’re going to use the wireless microphone, 2 K037B and the Audio Interface drivers are recommended.


July 29, 2020

I have two to the same mics, 670’s. As long as I only plug one into my computer I can use it just fine, but once I plug the second mic into the computer, I can’t get any input from the first mic, it immediately drops to only output. I have tried everything I can with the Macs system preferences, worked everything in Garageband, but I cannot get any input from the first mic when I am using the two together. Even with aggregate, with GarageBand I can only get the 1+2 option with no 3+4 to be able to use both microphones together!


July 31, 2020

Hi Derek,
Unfortunately K678 and K670 have the technology problem,but you can record multiple mics except K678 and K670.

Ada Bryan

August 24, 2020

it sound difficult to understand


August 24, 2020

Hi @Ada,
Plz follow the article step by step. If there’s any problem, just let us know.

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