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How to Use Multiple Microphones on One Computer

05 Dec, 2018

How to Use Multiple Microphones on One Computer

We can’t change the fact that computer or software allows only one input source. So what we can do is to aggregate multiple inputs into one. We roughly categorize the situation into two, Windows and Mac (apologize for those who use the other kinds of system that we still haven’t found the valid and effect method for multiple mics recording).

Stup on Mac

It can’t be any easier to do that with an Apple computer. Check out very useful video below and take the text as the complement. 

Please note that even if you plug more than one of FIFINE K670 microphones on Mac, there is only one of K670 will be seen. That means you can use only one of them. The same situation when using multiple of K678 mics.

  1. Open the “Audio MIDI Setup”, create your own “Aggregate Device” list by clicking the checkbox of all the "USB PnP Audio Device" under "IN' list. 

  2. Go to “Garageband”, check out the “Preference”, and you will want the “Audio Input” to be “Aggregate Device” that you have just created.

  3. Click the plus button to add a new track. A menu will pop up, just select an input that marked as "input+one figure" (one figure represents mono microphone; two figure for stereo microphone), such as "input 1".

  4. Create another track and choose an input different from the first one such as "input 2". Now two tracks are set and ready to go.

  5. To make sure that you can pause the recording of any one of the mics separately, you need a recording button for each microphone track. Click “Track”→”Track Header”→”Show record enable button”. Then click on this buttons on each track and they will flash red light.


Stup on Windows

One is to use VoiceMeeter Banana, which allows 3 input at most but you cannot separate the recording track. The other is to aggregate mics by using ASIO4ALL which has no limitation on the number of input, but it is only accessible on some of the recording software, such as FL StudioBefore you proceed any further, we can give you the conclusion that it is tricky and there are limitations to use multiple USB mics on a Windows computer. 

Through the Voice Meeter Banana

Download the Voice Meeter Banana:

  1. 1.Open the Voice Meeter, select different microphones under different “Hardware Input” channels. 
  2. 2.Click on a recording program, under preferences, choose the Voice Meeter as input source.
Or through ASIO4ALL 

Download ASIO4ALL:

  1. 1.Open up A DAW, go to its preferences. Set the audio device to ASIO and ASIO4All v2.
  2. 2.Open up ASIO4ALL panel (you can find the ASIO4ALL driver on the right corner of computer). In the panel, you need to click to activate the little power buttons besides the USB mics that you are going to use.
  3. 3.Start a new track. Hit the record, you are up and running with multiple mics at the same time now.

Setup up on Adobe Audition

Setup up on Ableton Live

That’s all the three most common methods to use multiple microphones with one computer. If you have any problem or would like to suggest other methods, feel free to comment below!