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FIFINE AmpliGame AM6 Condenser Mic with Game/Chat Mix, Noise Suppression, Monitoring, I/O Level & RGB Controls

FIFINE AmpliGame AM6 Condenser Mic with Game/Chat Mix, Noise Suppression, Monitoring, I/O Level & RGB Controls

$ 57.99 USD

  • Chat Mix makes it one of the most spot-on gaming mics. Not just up the mic audio, but headset’s usability.
  • Combing with touch-mute, sidetone for your old headsets & output level control to make a better party-chat.
  • Don’t upset your friends with your background, engage the noise-rejection. Adjust the mic input level to give them the clearest cue instead!
  • A USB condenser mic that doesn’t pick up much noise or sound too harsh or clip easily? That’s AM6.
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Customer Reviews

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With All the Swaggers, still A Spot-on Gaming Mic

AmpliGame AM6 is FIFINE’s attempt to go full on the gaming microphone field with a much more spot-on feature of game & chat balance. However, it’s more toward the PC gaming side, especially for keyboard and mouse players. 

ASÍ ES EL FIFINE AM6 _ REVIEW HONESTA.mp4_20240627_164920597.jpg__PID:7e5d67fa-9b41-4fd1-9a13-d887d180f37d

Since the chat mix isn’t available when used with consoles, the redeeming feature of noise canceling makes up for the downside of a condenser mic - too sensitive. You can still up the audio game of your Play Station because of the USB connection, but for the same reason, you won’t be able to get it to work on Xbox directly.

Balance Game & Chat at Your Fingertips

How loud for Discord or PC in-game chat versus the game sound? No need to set it in stone before starting, or pull off the special trick to bring up the setting windows and make adjustments. It’s always handier with dials or knobs to get your buddies to sound clearer in Discord or whatever video call app, or vice versa to have a more immersive experience by making the game sound louder.

@chromarepublic AM6 Chatmix Dail.jpg__PID:de2ce9f1-6269-4525-a450-e30323030e59

Let’s say you’re the last one alive in a competitive game, and your friends are already having a side conversation, while you’re still trying to get full concentration to win the game. It can also go the other way around when you’re playing a casual game and you want the party chat over the game sound.

No need to bother with any tricky or complicated software or alt-tab during intensive gaming to make volume adjustments. Dialing up or down is the most straightforward method when not a single bit of distraction should happen. You can blindly turn the dial more towards chat.

What if the levels of game sound & voice chat mix have been set to balance, but you just don’t hear the mixed audio quite clearly or too loud to be comfortable? Then the master output control comes as a life-saver to bring both volumes up or down without messing up the set ratio.

Pull All Guns out of Your Bag

There must be a 3.5mm output jack to access the chat mix, but you can get more out of this on-body port. Not every pair of game headsets is equipped with side-tone as standard. If you’re finding yourself in need of hearing your own voice in the game, but your closed-back headset has unexpectedly good passive noise rejection, there’s no necessity to replace the old headset with the new one that may have only one new feature. Instead, try taking it into another league with the AM6!

Since the mic sound will be fed into a PC by USB and into your headset through the output port, as long as you plug the headset in place and make sure it’s the default output and umute the monitoring level (detailed steps can be found in the Q&A session below), you can hear yourself without noticeable delay. 

Nothing crazy about the lighting controlled by the button underneath the mic, compared to the one with software control, 4 different RGB styles and 6 color schemes in single RGB mode provide enough fun for you to play with in the loading time.

@Elisha Record Studio FIFINE AmpliGame AM6 Touch Mute.png__PID:cd0b0e7b-ced1-4f87-8117-25edb76edfde

The handy feature for game chat keeps on coming. Mute your mic silently and swiftly with the touch-sensitive button at the top in case you die suddenly in the game, so the background of your room picked up by the mic won’t distract your friends.

@Elisha Record Studio FIFINE AmpliGame AM6 Noise Cancellation.png__PID:edb76edf-deb1-4109-8f80-72772862e9ea

You don’t have to watch tons of tutorials and go through trial and error to get it working properly, but just one press of the noise-cancellation. With its condenser capsule that focuses more on the clear frequencies and background rejection feature, the tone quality and the noise level can come to a better balance. The AmpliGame AM6 achieves another balance here!

@Elisha Record Studio FIFINE AmpliGame AM6.png__PID:0b0e7bce-d15f-47c1-9725-edb76edfdeb1

Though you don’t have to yell in the game to hear yourself now, you still get the ability to earrape your friends by cranking up the mic volume all of a sudden with the on-board input dial.

By this time, you can almost take the AM6 as an RGB-spiced DAC with a surprisingly good mic to buffer up your outdated headset. What outdoes a desktop DAC in terms of user-friendly is that with the dials on the front instead of at the top, you get no chance to experience the upset of brushing the dials of the DAC and thus changing the fine-tuned volume. And you don’t have to deal with a lot of cable management every time you set up, just the USB connection with your gaming PC and the wired headset hooked up to the mic itself. Though it’s not so versatile that can work seamlessly on different platforms, like consoles and mobiles, it really can streamline the setup on your PC.

Not just any USB Condenser Mics

RGB Lighting of FIFINE AmpliGame AM6 USB Condenser Microphone.png__PID:3c4e4ff9-2e10-4376-ace3-cce6934935d8
@m4ddogltd AM6.jpg__PID:bc1597d6-b9d9-4c4f-8efa-b37f0fe9ba31
@xsophxgaming AM6 Setup Resize.jpg__PID:75173c4e-4ff9-4e10-8376-6ce3cce69349
@easyboink AmpliGame AM6 Resize.jpg__PID:35d8c710-862d-4a82-a600-411595f988ab
  • Since the noise-cancellation is not subject to customize, the condenser capsule provides not only a brighter tone but most importantly makes up for the downgrade of clarity and the occurrence of possible aliasing.
  • But the AM6 isn’t a generally-known condenser mic with high sensitivity, which comes in useful for gaming. In some not-super-noisy environments and complemented with a scissor boom arm, you may not even need to engage the noise-rejection feature. Your friends or audience may not necessarily hear your background, but they definitely hear your screaming and yelling, having a condenser mic that’s not easy to get clipping is the best guard of their ears.
  • Put it in plain, you can take it as a clear condenser mic but with the merits of low-and-mid support and hard-to-distort from a dynamic mic. Compared to those mics with standard dynamic characteristics, the highs are much better retained to present more details in your voice. By hearing even the last syllable clearly, your teammates could pick up all the clue of your cue on the most intensive battle field.


Polar PatternCardioid
Output ConnectionUSB type-C (mic end) to type-A 2.0 (computer end)
USB Power ConsumptionVoltage: 5±0.25 V
Bit Depth/Sample Rate16-bit/24-bit, 48k Hz
Frequency Response70-20kHz
S/N Ratio80 dB A+
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg