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USB Microphones

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FIFINE USB Microphone with Volume Dial & Home Studio Bundle for Streaming Recording-T669
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What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE T669 Arm stand Shock mount  Pivot mount Tripod stand Pop filter  Foam cover Features The prototype of FIFINE K669B, but it is far more than a straight copy The same fool-proof installation on Mac, Windows and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox). The same time-efficient setup with Discord, Twitch and OBS!   Though you...
FIFINE USB Microphone with Low-latency Monitor Jack, Controls of Output & Input Gain, Mute Button-K678
$ 82.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE K678 Desktop stand 3/8" male to 5/8" female adapter   Features Setup with ease, control like a pro     People tend to be appealed by XLR microphone setup, which has more controls, thinking it is more likely to record with quality signal. But it could also be a death trap:...
FIFINE USB Computer Microphone (Mute Button/Volume Dial/LED Indicator) for Conferencing-K052
$ 26.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE K052  *2 YEAR WARRANTY (if order from FIFINE website) Features Start web conferencing in a short time USB plug-and-play on Mac, Windows and Linux computer for instant communication anytime.  Volume dial for quick adjustment on the fly, avoid annoying pause during video meeting. Mute button comes in useful when you...
FIFINE Mini USB Microphone with 5.7
$ 18.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE K050  A anti-wind foam cover  *2 YEAR WARRANTY (if order from FIFINE website) Features Plug & Play capability Take it out of box, plug it into the front or the back of PC depending on if you use it for long term or just real quick.You...
FIFINE USB Lapel Mic with Monitoring Headphone Jack for Skype Calls, Conferencing, Dictating-K053
$ 20.99 USD
What's Included FIFINE MICROPHONE K053 Features Surprisingly low price, remarkably easy setup  USB 2.0 plug & play on Mac, Windows and Linux computer (incompatible with Xbox). 6.5 feet long cable gives you good mobility to fetch things around computer desk with ease. No worries on unplugging or even breaking the USB...
FIFINE USB Microphone Plug & Play with Windows/Mac for Gaming, Voice-over, Video Call-K668
$ 35.99 USD
Details    An Ace up gamer's sleeve Plug & Play on Windows, Mac and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox); no need for extra power or manually-installed driver.  Plug in USB, that's all. You're ready to unleash the audio power and start rock & roll in the game! Being sensitive to your voice. Even speaking...
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