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K026 FAQs

05 Jul, 2019

K026 FAQs

Q: Does K026 karaoke mic work with phones?

A: Yes, it does. But you need a USB type A to type C or lightening adapter and we have confirmed that it works with: Samsung S and Note series of 7/8/9, iPhone 5-8, XS MAX, Sony Z series, Goolge Pixel 2 and Huawei Mate and P 20. If you are using model that is not listed above, as long as the released date of your phone is similar to those mentioned models, the mic should still work.


Q: How to use multiple microphones on one computer?

A: Yes if you want to have a try, check out the link below. Basically, for Windows users, you just need to download an app called voice meter banana. If you use Mac, just create an aggregated device by using MIDI Audio setup.
Blog post: Using Multiple Microphones On One Computer


Q: Can't get this wireless microphone to work!

A: Just follow the playlist: to check if USB receiver is recognized by computer and if receiver and transmitter paired. If not, just follow the tutorial to reset it!   



If the trouble-shooting methods above still cannot solve your problem, feel free to contact us at
Please include the order number and specify the problem in your email.