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K031B FAQs

05 Jul, 2019

K031B FAQs

Self Troubleshoot before proceed any further. 

Please include the test result when resorting for email support.

1.Using fresh batteries for transmitter. After powering it on, do transmitter screen of receiver turn on and stay solid? 

2.Plug in USB receiver, it's normal that the blue indicator blinks for a few secs and doesn't stay on

3.Is "USB PnP Audio Device" seen by your Windows or Mac, or is recognized as unknown device?

4.If it's "USB PnP Audio Device", does its level meter respond when you speak? 

5.If it responds, but you still don't hear audio from PC, have you select correct output device (computer or the mic) under system and software setting? 

6.If no response, does reset help?

7.If reset doesn't work, before reset, are all units off? During reset: does screen blink and 564MHz appear?   

8.If computer sees it as unknown device, have you test out on a different computer? Tried to update and reinstall the unknown driver for a few times on the same computer? 

9.Connecting and recorded with mobile device via a proper adapter, you have to unplug the adapter to hear playback audio coming out of your mobile.


Q: The mic does not work!

A: Follow the video below to check if USB receiver is recognized by computer and if receiver and transmitter paired. If not, just follow the tutorial to change frequencies (from 2:50 to 3:07) and reset the whole system (from 3:10 to 4:00). 


Q: Does K031/K031B wireless lapel mic work with phones?

A: Yes, it does. But you need a USB type A to type C or lightening adapter and we have confirmed that it works with: Samsung S and Note series of 7/8/9, iPhone 5-8, XS MAX, Sony Z series, Goolge Pixel 2 and Huawei Mate and P 20. If you are using model that is not listed above, as long as the released date of your phone is similar to those mentioned models, the mic should still work.


Q: Will this work with a Bluetooth speaker?

A: In order to give adequate sound, that Bluetooth speaker should be more than 25 watt you can find a power bank to supply power for receiver and an audio cable to connect USB receiver with speaker.


Q: What can I do to increase volume?

A: 1.Turn up the level of input and output to around 80% on computer.

Windows: Go to control panel→Sound setting→Recording Device→right click “USB PnP Device”→Properties→Levels. Same goes for output volume on "Playback Devices".

Mac: System Preferences→Sound→Input/Output→Input Volume/Output Volume

2.Do have to aim the mic toward the mouth, seating it approximately 9 inches below. When using head-worn, you may need to take off the foam cap to check if the capsule is pointed directly to your mouth.

3.If it is possible, please try the speaker that has over 25 watt power.


Q: How to use multiple microphones on one computer?

A: Yes if you want to have a try, check out the link below. Basically, for Windows users, you just need to download an app called voice meter banana. If you use Mac, just create an aggregated device by using MIDI Audio setup.
Blog post: Using Multiple Microphones On One Computer


Q: After upgraded to Windows 10, microphone doesn't work?

A: If “USB PnP Audio Device” under “Recording Device” appears but the level meter doesn’t move when speaking to mic, simply go to Setting→Privacy→Microphone, and set it to allow apps to access to microphone as well as the other apps below, especially the "Voice Recorder". At lasts restart computer.


Q: No sound on my Mac!

A: 1.Check whether the icon of the “USB PnP Audio Device" appears or not.

(“System Preferences”→“Sound”→“Input”)

2.If yes, then you’re good to go. But you can’t hear any playback of the mic before you click open an audio software on Mac OS.


Q: Microphone doesn't work with my Skype!

A: 1.Follow the playlist: to check if K031B is working properly. 

2.For Windows user, you can go to Setting→Privacy→Microphone, and set it to allow apps to access to microphone, at lasts restart computer.

3.Update Skype to latest version or re-install the latest Skype.



If the trouble-shooting methods above still cannot solve your problem, feel free to contact us at
Please include the order number and specify the problem in your email.