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K036 FAQs

06 Jul, 2019

K036 FAQs

Q: I have a smart TV connected to my receiver. I'd like to use K036 with them for karaoke!

A: Yes, and you can check out the one of our blogs below, or contact us directly with detailed spec. of your devices.

Blog: Use FIFINE Karaoke Microphones System with Home Theater


Q: What to do if the background music is too loud and the mixed mics is too quiet?

A: 1.Turn down level of input music and the Music Control on receiver.

2.Stream the music to speaker directly so that you can adjust the volume separately.


Q: The receiver makes a lot of noise!

A: 1.Try different cable and different input jacks on speaker.

2.Turn down the volume of K036 and turn up the gain on your amp.

3.It may interfered by the cell phone or even the light, please be away from that stuff.

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Koy Banal

July 09, 2019

We just got our Fifine M-K036 and I connected it to our Vizio Smartcast Wireless Sound bar but there is no sound coming out from the microphone. I connected the 1/4” cable from the output to the aux of the sound bar. Are these gadgets compatible?


July 11, 2019

@Koy Banal hi there, it’s not the perfect setup with soundbar. But it should still work. A few more things we want to know.
1. Did you connect with TV as well? If yes, how did you hook up TV, soundbar and K036?
2. Did you Bluetooth the soundbar with iPhone, iPad?
3. Did you try connecting with soundbar thought K036 3.5mm out jack?

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