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Six things need for notice when setup a wireless system

10 Jul, 2019

Six things need for notice when setup a wireless system

You will feel more like it for setup a wireless system after paying a bit more attention to six things.   

1.Power issue

Low voltage brings up problem, like cutouts, dropouts or distortion. Lithium-ion batteries outlast Ni-Mh and Ni-Cad ones. Because of up to 20% less voltage output, rechargeable battery is far from ideal option as it seems to be. So if budget allows, one-time use lithium-ion battery is the best choice for battery power transmitter and receiver.

If receiver is wall-outlet powered, try with the same type or equivalent electrical specifications, like plugging the power adapter into another wall outlet. Even the problem could lie in the adapter itself. By the time when a new outlet does no good, you may need to test with another power adapter. And do not forget to press the power button and turn up volume.

2.Antenna placement issue

Metal object, human body have impact (block, absorb or interfere) on wireless signal. So it is better to always keep antennas of transmitter and receiver line-of-sight.    

3.Audio cable issue

Static or even cutout could result from poor connection. If re-connection does not help, try disconnecting the audio cable and use another included cable to see if the new one is OK. If using a FIFINE K037B or K038 body-pack transmitter, replace the attached lapel mic or head-worn mic with the same model and test if there’s any issue.

4.Mis-match frequency channel

If the FIFINE microphone (transmitter) and receiver keep failing to sync. Apart from the check-up we would mention below, first of, go check the number labels on your the transmitter and receiver if they match exactly.

5.Frequency channel is not ideal for the location

If experiencing cutout/auto-disconnection or setting up the system in a new location, use the feature of selectable frequency channel of FIFINE wireless system to find a channel that suffers less interference from local TV or broadcast channel.

6.Interference from other electronics or wireless systems

Turn off electronic devices that are within 5 feet of the wireless receiver, such as a computer and especially a router. Or take the system to a different location that is at least ½ mile away. If it works OK there, the problem lies in the interference from other devices. Finding the exact source may take you a bit of time by turning them off one by one and do the test at a time.

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July 29, 2019

Do you have an electronic version of the user manual for this product:

Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone?

Some how my system was muted and need help to turn it off. Thank you very much.


July 29, 2019

Hi @joseph, yes, we can send you the PDF version of user manual. But since you have contacted us, I think it’s better to let us help fix it. I didn’t get what you mean was muted and you need to turn it off? Did you need the system to show the working status and decide whether to turn it off?
You can tell from the power light on receiver and the mic display. And just press the power button to turn off the receiver and the mic switch to switch off the mic itself.
If you referred to other problem, just let us know more detail of it. We will help out.


October 16, 2019

On February 23, 2019, I purchased the Fifine Wireless Microphone System with Portable Receiver 1/4’’ Output, Selectable UHF Channels. Perfect for Church, Wedding, Karaoke (K035B) on As of few weeks ago, I put in new batteries for the receiver but it won’t work. I need your help please.

Thank You in advance,


October 16, 2019

Hi @Kathy sorry about the issue. So the receiver indicator didn’t even light up? If so could you click the message us button beside to contact us on Facebook with the frequency of your K035B (can be found on the mic screen if you turn it on).


December 30, 2019

I bought a Fifine K025 several weeks ago (early November) and have tried to pair it unsuccessfully several times. I’ve tried all the “tricks” in the manual: Making sure batteries are in correct/fresh, changing channels, factory reset. All I get is the blinking green light on the receiver. Any further advice?

Note: This is my 2nd K025 Fifine mic. The first one I got to work just fine but lost the receiver, unfortunately, this is why I tried buying a new one!


December 31, 2019

Hi @Eric sorry about the issue. And your second K025 didn’t work for once? The receiver just kept blinking green at the very beginning of the use? If yes, it really sounds like the receiver issue. Would you like to contact us with the order number on our Facebook page: or support email: to proceed more details?


January 14, 2020

I have a K036 and they seem to cancel each other out. When someone is using the green mic, then another person starts to sing using the orange mic, the green will not be heard and vice versa. Please advise.


January 15, 2020

Hi @Ben sorry about the issue. But it is the first time that we got such response. We are not sure what would be the problem. So we may need a bit more info about the situation.
Did such issue happen when you used the system for the first time or just recently? Is there any chance you can test with a different speaker? Or input the mic audio into your PC that has dedicated mic jack?
You can message us on our Facebook page: or support email: with more details.


February 15, 2020

I purchased a K031 Version 19-II. I tried unsuccessfully to route through my Macbook Pro to a Jawbone speaker. The sound shows going into the computer but not out to an external speaker (the Jawbone) or through the Mac speaker. Tried resetting and now only get a flashing yellow light. Help.


February 17, 2020

Hi Robert.
There is nothing to do with the pairing. The Macbook can identify the mic, which shows the mic works. I think It is probably about the input/output config. Besides, the Macbook needs the built-in app of Mac – QuickTime Player if you want to monitor.
Therefore, here’re the all three steps you need to follow.
1. The external speaker connect the K031 USB headphone jack.
2. Choose the USB Pnp as the default output device.
3. Open the QuickTime Player, choose the K031 as the input device, turn up the volume, and you will hear the sound.


March 04, 2020

Hi, i have the M-K038 system with two microphones. Both receivers have suddenly stopped turning on. I’ve replaced batteries in both but neither display will turn on.

Thanks in advance.


March 04, 2020

Hi there James.
Um. It’s may sound super silly, and I apologize for asking the question, but would you like to check if the polarity of the batteries on microphone is at right position?
If the answer is yes, plz contact us via email with your order number.

James Fritz

March 04, 2020

Yes I’ve made sure the batteries were inserted correctly. I’ve also tried multiple new batteries pairs.


March 05, 2020

Hi there James Fritz
Understood. Plz send us your order number via email.


August 05, 2020

I have a K025 system and the microphone will not turn on or light up even after replacing the batteries. How can I get it working?


August 10, 2020

Hi Cole, Please make sure batteries are inserted properly, then use your phone to record a video to briefly describe the broken issue, finally send the video to our after-sales team will help you out.
But there’s the problem for us to find your order through your name or email. Could you provide your order number, which is 17 digits *-*-******* from Amazon and #FN**** from our website.

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