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How to Setup A Wireless System Properly

09 Jul, 2019

How to Setup A Wireless System Properly

You will feel more like it for setup a wireless system after paying a bit more attention to six things.   

1.Power issue

Low voltage brings up problem, like cutouts, dropouts or distortion. Lithium-ion batteries outlast Ni-Mh and Ni-Cad ones. Because of up to 20% less voltage output, rechargeable battery is far from ideal option as it seems to be. So if budget allows, one-time use lithium-ion battery is the best choice for battery power transmitter and receiver.

If receiver is wall-outlet powered, try with the same type or equivalent electrical specifications, like plugging the power adapter into another wall outlet. Even the problem could lie in the adapter itself. By the time when a new outlet does no good, you may need to test with another power adapter. And do not forget to press the power button and turn up volume.

2.Antenna placement issue

Metal object, human body have impact (block, absorb or interfere) on wireless signal. So it is better to always keep antennas of transmitter and receiver line-of-sight.    

3.Audio cable issue

Static or even cutout could result from poor connection. If re-connection does not help, try disconnecting the audio cable and use another included cable to see if the new one is OK. If using a FIFINE K037B or K038 body-pack transmitter, replace the attached lapel mic or head-worn mic with the same model and test if there’s any issue.

4.Mis-match frequency channel

If the FIFINE microphone (transmitter) and receiver keep failing to sync. Apart from the check-up we would mention below, first of, go check the number labels on your the transmitter and receiver if they match exactly.

5.Frequency channel is not ideal for the location

If experiencing cutout/auto-disconnection or setting up the system in a new location, use the feature of selectable frequency channel of FIFINE wireless system to find a channel that suffers less interference from local TV or broadcast channel.

6.Interference from other electronics or wireless systems

Turn off electronic devices that are within 5 feet of the wireless receiver, such as a computer and especially a router. Or take the system to a different location that is at least ½ mile away. If it works OK there, the problem lies in the interference from other devices. Finding the exact source may take you a bit of time by turning them off one by one and do the test at a time.