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Introducing FIFINE AmpliGame AM6 USB Mic for Gaming. Beat All Headsets

25 Feb, 2024

Introducing FIFINE AmpliGame AM6 USB Mic for Gaming. Beat All Headsets under $100? Let’s See What it got.


Since it’s a USB-only microphone, to use it with your PC, the only way is to connect the mic from its USB-C port to the USB-A port on your computer with the included audio cable. Since the output end is a USB-A jack, you will need an extra USB adapter to get the mic to work on devices that have only a USB-C port.  

After you plug in the mic, the RGB on the capsule and at the bottom will light up to add flavor to your setup as well as indicate that the mic is ready to go. By pressing the button underneath the mic, you can choose among 4 different RGB patterns.   

As for the performance feature, first comes the game & chat balance dial. It aims to steal the show from those game-chat-dominated headsets. If you just started gaming with proper gear and thus not knowing what’s that. You can use the dial to switch between how much volume you want to hear from the game versus how loud you want your friends in Discord to be.  

Features that you get from a pair of gaming headsets aren’t neglected here on the AM6.
  • The must-have mute button comes in a touch-sensitive form to give more of a no-disturbing chat experience.
  • To beat headsets for a much higher price, it also needs to be equipped with a headset feature. Here you go the latency-free monitoring jack to give you much better quality and imaging than any headsets can provide when setting up the AM6 with a pair of budget studio headphones. And because of the live-time feedback, you sort of get the feature that doesn’t come as standard in all headsets, the side-tone function.
  • To get the best out of it, two more physical dials on the side of the mic for side-tone volume adjustment on the fly. How come the mic volume control missing? Adjust your loudness quickly without alt-tab out of the game when you’re all guns blazing!  

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